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Astrology: 10th June 2018 To 16th June 2018

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Astrology: 10th June 2018 To 16th June 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”


Aries: Your effort and focus will settle at your work only in this period. In the process, you may lack satisfaction in your result, this can cause a temperamental issue. You need to keep your passion at your side to divert your mind and utilize your energy in the right direction.  The bright part of this week is your words of expression, which will come in an impressive way.


Taurus:  Building castle in the air and enjoying that castle will be there in this period. Very smart way to get your work done is another good aspect for you and this can be more beneficial for sales & marketing personnel.  Your image in your society will inflate. You will get success in changing the situation as per your convenience.  A good week is knocking your door.


Gemini:  You will get success by smart, strategic and politically correct movement which may hurt others. But your lord will help you to get your goal by hook or by crook.  The behaviour of your partner may not be pleasant but you will face this situation also silently as an compensation in another way. Financial aspect looks good.  A moderate week is approaching you.


Cancer:  Week will start with a mild and soft feeling. Bag of romance and fantasy will hover in your mind. Pending increment  Aries: Your effort and focus will settle at your work only in this period. In the process, you may be announced, if your personal horoscope also supports it. Married people may have no choice other than staying away from family due to work or any other condition. Health needs your attention during this period.


Leo: Time to enjoy work and workplace. After a long span, you will start enjoying your work and workplace. This will add flavour to your result. Enemies will increase so the ways to fight back with them too. Money matter will be positively active in this week.  Your kids will also give reason to your smile. A good week is knocking your door.


Virgo:  Beginning of the week will be full of confusions and anger but gradually situation will start settling in the right direction at a slow pace. Your fearless attitude may take you either very close to your ultimate goal or you will be misguided. Be subtle in your action. Love life seems to disturb, be careful. Your finance will be handled by your partner in this period, do not take it as a permanent situation.


Libra: Your work will speak loud in this week. In this period, your luck will be more working outside your birthplace. It’s better to try your hand away from your home.  But your time will not allow much to spend with family and loved ones. This may diminish the pleasure of other achievements. A lukewarm week can be assured.


Scorpio:  Your fearless and impulsive attitude may take you at the wrong place. Your fortune will still work to save you as much as possible. Try to work hard on increasing level of patience in your routine. Your financial area of a week seems moderately good.  The mother may be one of the reasons of concern. Or you might face problem-related to some building issues of your home.


Sagittarius:  Negativity will crop-up too much in your decisions. Meeting people will create more confusion than a pleasant feeling. The relation may be sacrificed just due to your insensible words. Be careful.  Your effort will give you the result but with a few obstacles. This period may prove favourable for those, who have been searching for the alliance. The money will not stay in your pocket.


Capricorn:  This week may give you the reason to mingle with influential people. Your relation with female colleagues may improve in this week. Your love may take a turn into marriage or a successful marriage proposal in this week. Finance will be in a proper shape to manage your expenses. Your success in any venture of this period is assured but with the slowest of its pace.


Aquarius:  Big plans and putting efforts to execute those plans look strong in this week. But your marital life may be in toss for the time being. Students may try to pursue their higher education from abroad. Romance will also be in the air. This position of planets assures you a good news regarding the expansion of the family. Overall a mixed bag will be carried by this week for you.


Pisces:  Possibility of getting into a new relationship is there in this week. Expenditure on luxury will also be there. Speech needs a check before delivering it to anybody.  Money part will be more secured. Your opinion about life will be better and this thought will let you enjoy this week at its best.

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