Astrology : 10th February-16th February


Astrology : 10th February-16th February

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

Aries:  Agility, youthful attitude and optimistic approach will be the centre of this period. You can’t expect same pace from everybody otherwise such situation may lose your temperament. Your partner may help you in growth of your work. If you try your hand in writing blog or a work related to writing or any work related to communication, you may have chance to get success.


Taurus: This week may start with not a very good note but weekend will get many hopes for you. Those, who have been waiting for news related to their jobs, if your individual running period is also supportive, you may expect a good news. Students will give their best ,of course  withfew obstacles on its way.


Gemini: Looking at the minute steps of life and, after self-criticism and self-introspection, working on improvisation can prove really appreciable. Health will show a bit positive indication of improvement. Mother’s health will be cause of concern. Financial status will give you satisfaction in this period. A better week can be expected.


Cancer: Mars will add activity in your life from every corner of work. You will be thrilled to share your creative ideas among your loved ones. At the same time, some of you will have fear of transfer or any problem related to job while some are going to face such situation. You will be meeting the loved ones, even colleagues will also be in pleasant mood to add flavor in your week.


Leo: This week will unfold many situations. Old friend may ping you after long span which will definitely thrill you. Good news for students or good news related to your children will knock your door. Planning to purchase land or building, decorative items for home or any investment for home décor can be expected from you in this period.


Virgo: You will be little aggressive in your words and this will cause to add enemies in your list. Do not trust new friends or strangers. Romantic life will be at toss. Even married life will also be disturbed. Relation with younger siblings will not be good. Try to delay your journey, if you have been planning to take it up in this week.


Libra: Do not give free suggestion to anybody around you. It will not be taken sportingly. Students will perform better than their usual record. Their image will be better in society but in general, your spouse would dominate in your most of the decisions. High authorityor anybody from Government will come forward to support you. Stay careful in this week.


Scorpio: Your temperament will be under control but speech will not be welcomed by most of your loved ones. It’s better to stay calm and away from the public. If you take up any project in this period, you will definitely be successful. Health may disturb you a bit. Opponents will surrender themselves. Avoid any arguments with spouse in this period.


Sagittarius: Your partner will support you in most of your plans in these days but distance from family can be expected in this period due to work commitments. Father’s health may get your attention in your busy schedule, you may lose your temperament in handling it. Now you will find little difficult to save money for the time being.
Capricorn: Expenditure will be taken by you as investment in this period. It will definitely pay you back in long run but situation won’t help you to accumulate much in your bank account. You may come across a situation of facing a marriage proposal, in which you will be consistently in denial mode. Few malefic planets may provoke you to use rude gesture in your behavior.


Aquarius: Opinion clashes with partner can be experienced in this period. Try to ignore written communication for any important cause, it would be beneficial to be verbal.  Your dual personality will confuse people about your mood and attitude, which indeed keep them stay away from you physically. A week, to be careful is coming your way.


Pisces: You are going to welcome ‘Family week’ in this period. Spending time with family and friends, and enjoying too the moment, can be seen in this week. You will lead and get success in maintaining family and most of family affairs. Your plan to pursue higher education can be taken up seriously by you and situation around. Hidden enemies should not be ignored at work, be careful.

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