Astrology: 07th July – 13th July


Astrology: 07th July – 13th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Happiness from younger siblings is one of the vital point of this week. Some opinion differences may be sorted out in this period. But stay aware of people around as they may misguide you. There may be possibility of involving into a relationship for short term. Your expenditure may escalate for good reason. Overall a good week can be expected.


Taurus: This week can be celebrated as a family week for you. You will be benefitted from your loved ones in the form of emotion or finance. Those who have been waiting for job offer, they can put forward their effort to get the right direction. Journalists, bloggers or travelers of this sign will give and get their best.


Gemini: Your mind may have bitterness for some of your loved ones for not being up to the expectations. Your logical statements might be taken as a rude person but those people belongs to law, banking or hotel management may have good time to perform and get appreciation among their people.


Cancer: A lot of actions, agility, and plans are hovering in your mind. You may spend money lavishly in this period. Planning to meet friends and going out for change or sleep over kind of situation will come in this period. You will be more focused at work and a genuine effort to get it done. Overall, time to be on toe throughout the week.


Leo: This week has pack of friends from different strata to meet or connect through any social media. You will be surrounded by pessimistic views about many things around. Such attitude will bother you, indeed.  Some of you may try to invest in land far from your birthplace. A strenuous relation with spouse can be seen in this week, stay patient to control this situation.


Virgo: You will get a chance to meet a new set of friends at workplace, park, temple or gym. This will give to reason to smile. Professionally a bit improved period is knocking your door. It is suggested to avoid any rash activity to get into. Your relation with parents will not be appreciable. A moderate week is approaching you.


Libra: Father or fatherly figure will be reason of concern in this week. You may get fierce in your approach for silly reason with parents. Students will perform better in this week. Your work will be acknowledged by colleagues or boss. In generalit will take time to get your goal achieved with humps and bumps. Few those have been trying to go abroad, may get chance.


Scorpio: After long time, you will feel relieved in personal matters. Students of this sign will achieve better than before. Monetary benefits can be strongly seen in this period, but you cannot ignore hassles in between the beginning and the end point of your goal. Good words may improve your relation with loved ones.


Sagittarius: Despite love, fantasy and romance you may face tussle with spouse in this period. Short journeys should be avoided. Neighbors or younger siblings may provoke you which can cause disturbance in this period. If possible, recheck your important mails or messages before sending them to avoid any blunder.


Capricorn: Your mood will be extremely submissive and your preferred destination will be an isolated place. At the same time aggression in speech would also not be under your control. Parental support or support from boss will be experienced. Health will be in dire need of your attention. A calm week will be on your way.


Aquarius: Being impressed by image and impression of your spouse will make you closer to each other. Though, a clever motive behind every relationship will be involved in your case. Your mind will be filled with suspicion. Acting smart or trying to play strategic game will kick you back. Stay away from any dirty game or politics in this period.


Pisces: Your lord Jupiter is blessing your planning and its execution. This will sail through your journey of life smooth. Siblings may act smart but you will be able to supersede them by your strategy. Your children may give you a reason to smile. Good time for students can be expected. The financial area will be moderately good.

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