Astrology: 04 August – 10th August


Astrology: 04 August – 10th August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



This week may let you realize the importance of mother or happiness being at home. Nevertheless, your argument with mother will continue. You will it’s a good news for you as you won’t have any choice other than going for good deed. For business persons, it’s a good period in dealings. Short journeys should be avoided for the time being



Planets are provoking you to pick an argument with your kids or mother. Keep yourself refrain from family discussion or gathering. Sports persons will be doing well in this period. Professional area will be a question mark for most of the people with this sign. Monetary part will be satisfactory irrespective of professional situation.



Week will start with same note but as week advances, you will find your decisions more logical. Professional area will be activated. Those who have been trying for transfer or relocation, they will rethink over this and they will try to work on this area by relentlessly. Family members will give you inner strength in this period.



Ideas, creativity and many more things will make your opinion about your decision much more in dilemma. It’s better either to be more pragmatic or let your loved one guide you.  You will have a beneficial week in the form of emotional as well as moral strength. Despite a good situation is prevailing around, do not keep yourself unaware of conspirators around



This week brings a bundle of joy with a patch of inner tension with siblings. Time to spend money not to squander in casinos or any such area. Separation from spouse due to any reason can be seen in this week. Business people will do well. They may get chance to come across new clients in this period. Overall, a pleasant week can be expected.



This period may give you chance to come across people from different walks of life. This meeting will be definitely profitable for you in long run. You may prove an asset for your company or businessmen will get sources of monetary benefits in this period. You will get calls or messages from friends or those who had been out of contact for last so many days


Libra: :

You will be more dedicated towards your work. Though it will be tough to put an effort in your present state of mind, your effort to achieve your goal will be somehow close to the point. Students will not be able to concentrate at study easily. Travelling may be possible for some of you. Your father may come forward to help you emotionally or financially in this period



This is the time when you will start working unlike before sheer planning big mission. Be careful while communicating with mother. Unwillingly, words used by you may hurt your mother. Relation with spouse may improve gradually. Partner will add good luck in your venture. Spirituality will be in your general approach.



Week will start with same mood but gradually you may become strong and very much harsh in your written communication. This attitude will disturb your inner peace. Avoid leaping into action before confirming the real situation. Enemy will not be able to confront you. If you have already availed loans, it will be easy to get ways to pay it back.



This week will start with same tone of speech and short temperamental issues but eventually it will converted into aggressive action. Even romance will take back seat for next few weeks. You may have argument with spouse or partner. Unexpected gains seem strong in coming days. Your courage to speak your mind will be helpful to face every situation positively



Your kids will be in major role to play in this week. Students of this sign will plan magnanimously but execution may not go along the pace. Temperamental issue is going to make your plan hell. Stay careful and calm. Do not give final approval to any of your decision in this period. A sensitive week to be taken care delicately and sensibly.

Pisces: Respect for your spouse and family will be more. You would spend money for good cause in this period. Be careful about eating habit. You will exert your effort or talent at the best in your work. Your expectation from your own children will be too much to get. Ultimately this will be reason of you being disappointed for silly reason.

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