Candid Chat: Loaded with Sarcasm& Humour, Ashish Bana’s videos will Hit the Right Chord 

Being Candid with Ashish where he talks about passion & dreams and carving your own niche

Stuck in lockdown and bored? If you are on Instagram, you must have come across this new boy in the town of content creation – Ashish Bana whose content goes by the hashtag – #AhamSarcasmi & and if you haven’t, then trust us you are missing out real fun. Ashish may have recently started off with content creation but it seems he has a very promising career ahead of him.

We discovered him recently on a show aired on Voot called ‘Go Fun Yourself’ featured in 3 episodes. The show was judged by none other than Kusha Kapila who is an Instagram sensation. Billi Maasi ko introduction chahiye? No, right?

Along with his passion in scriptwriting, screenplay writing, and comedy, Ashish has recently released the lyrical video to his first song – called Tere Bina; on his YouTube channel and also streaming on Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music, Saavn, Gaana and several other portals.

Tere Bina [Lyrical video] –

An insight into his Future Plan

Zoom Studios has organized a competition that ends with one content creator winning the title of Intertainer 2020 with prize money and an opportunity to be the face of The Zoom Studios and a chance to feature on The Zoom Studios originals, videos and host their own show.

On asking about it, he said , “While hosting, facing the camera and writing content has been my passion since the time I was an engineering student, I feel that the platform Zoom Studios is offering us is a blessing in disguise in this ongoing lockdown. I am eyeing to win it and start working with Zoom! It would be nothing less than what I have wished for since my engineering days.”

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He is an Engineer (Ya Ya ladka engineer bhi hai) Then how content creation happened?

He has a BTech degree in Civil Engineering from VJTI. Every engineering aspirant knows this college and eyes it! I was just one of them. In fact, writing content and the desire to carve out a niche in the entertainment field struck to him in the same phase when he was an engineering student!

We loved his video entries on – ‘Go Fun Yourself’, hosted by Kusha Kapila; and now we are waiting for him to participate in Intertainer 2020 on The Zoom Studios.

Ashish also talked about Ghost Writing and how he decided to be the face of most of the videos, take a look here:

Before the lockdown started, I was just another ghost-writer. I have written for influencers with 2M subscribers to corporates companies that have a turnover revenue worth millions. My point is, the upside of being a ghost-writer was that I had a larger and more captive audience; along with the downside of lack of acknowledgement and credits. This lockdown was when I took a step back and decided that I should be the face of most of my own content alongside ghost-writing.

I was never shy of hard work and exertion hasn’t stopped me from doing something that I love the most – creating content.

Talent Hunts like Go Fun Yourself  and Intertainer give beginners like me a platform to blaze our talents and finally showcase it to a larger audience.

Some Good Gyaan for Younger Generation

On asking what would he like to advise young people who want to come in this field. To which he said, the basic prerequisite to being a creator is to have a smartphone with a camera and social media apps. It is never too late or too early! The time you decide you want to be the face of your content, so be it! And now with Instagram coming up with new features like reels, AR filters, and already existing features like IGTVs, making content has a wide range that serves not just short format, but also long format videos with added convenience to make content now.”

He further added, “ You can present your content the way you wish to. However, I have heard a lot of Gen-Z audience and next-gen creators saying; “Take a leap and leave your full-time job. See where destiny takes you ahead.” That, in my opinion, is a slightly dangerous attitude.”

#AhamSarcasmi. It sounds catchy, hain na? We asked him the idea behind it!

(#AhamSarcasmi – I am Sarcasm – in Hindi)

It’s naturally similar to the popular phrase from Sacred Games and the logic of – Aham Brahmasmi (I am The Universe).

Okay, let’s establish one thing. Sarcasm stimulates more grey (brain) cells than sincere content. They say that “Puns & sarcasm are the lowest forms of wits” but I say “Puns & sarcasm are the highest form of intelligence”.

I fail to understand why Indians are unable to differentiate between sincerity and sarcasm. Our first stints with sarcasm are our Indian parents, aren’t they?

Okay, as a kid, suppose you asked your parents, ‘Can I go for a movie with my friends, please?’…   Your Indian parents would go like “Ha ha kyu nahi, unke saath kue mein bhi kudd jaa na” (Don’t fail to jump into a well when your friends jump, cool?)

That is sarcasm! And grew up with it more than anyone! Sarcasm is such a versatile weapon/tool/language/solution! You can use it to evade responsibilities, tackle difficult and awkward situations, not reply to weird personal questions, comes handy while breaking up, to drill a lesson into someone once and for all, to back an answer, to flawlessly manage anger, so many benefits!

Hence, the hashtag #AhamSarcasmi, defining the transition of ‘Sarcasm’ in my case from an adjective to a noun. This hashtag is something that defines my personality and my content.

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