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Kejriwal wants to reserve COVID-19 beds for Delhites. LG overrules citing Supreme Court verdict

Where would the residing migrant students and workers go if they need treatment?

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal took a controversial decision to reserve the COVID-19 beds for the Delhi residents only. His idea was to limit the number of migrants of other states to get treatment in the Delhi government governed Hospitals, so that there could be enough beds for the residents of Delhi. He had said that if people from other states will come to Delhi for treatment then the 9000 vacant beds will be occupied in two days. He said that the decision was taken on the account of suggestions by the Delhi residents.

However, the Lt Governor of Delhi. Anil Baijal overruled the decision of Delhi government saying that treatment should not be denied to any patients on the grounds of not being a resident of Delhi. He also overruled the decision of Arvind Kejriwal to not test the asymptomatic cases and high-risk contact cases. His order cited various Supreme Court verdicts that said that the right to health is an integral part of the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution.

Did Delhi CM forget about going to Bengaluru for cough treatment?

Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently in isolation after developing COVID-19 symptoms faced backlashes for his decision. People reminded Arvind Kejriwal of going to Bengaluru for his treatment of Cough. People also said what if Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai (Eye Hospital) and Tata Memorial Government Hospital, Mumbai (Cancer Hospital) do the same thing with the residents of Delhi in Chennai and Mumbai.

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Why migrants come for treatment?

Before blaming the migrants for coming to the country’s capital for treatment, we should understand why they have no other option than coming to Delhi. Healthcare system in the home-state of the migrant would not be sufficient, that’s why they would come. Why would a person travel a thousand kilometres where he/she will have to either stay at a hotel or on the streets, outside the hospital?

India is a Union of States where people are allowed to travel to whichever state they want for whatever legitimate needs. Many students who prepare for competitive exams come to New Delhi to study. Many migrant workers come to New Delhi to find a job. Most of them do not have any proof which could prove them of being a Delhi’s resident. What if they are found coronavirus positive, should they not be allowed to get treatment in the Delhi government-governed hospital. Should they go thousands of kilometers away to their home-town for the treatment?

What Delhi government was doing in all these 70 days of lockdown, during which they did various press conferences and boasted of their so-called great healthcare system? While preparing the coronavirus beds at the Hospital, why residing migrants and potential migrants who could come from other states were not taken into account?

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