Arrest of Priyanka Gandhi shows the increasing insecurity of BJP in UP: Rahul Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi was stopped from visiting the victims of a clash in Sonbhadra

Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP after his sister Priyanka Gandhi was stopped from proceeding toward Sonbhadra to meet the victims of the clash. Former Congress President said that the Yogi government has made an arbitrary use of power to arrest Priyanka Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to lash out at BJP 

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to lash out at BJP government of Uttar Pradesh and said the arrest was disturbing and illegal. He wrote “The illegal arrest of Priyanka in Sonbhadra, UP, is disturbing. This arbitrary application of power, to prevent her from meeting families of the 10 Adivasi farmers brutally gunned down for refusing to vacate their own land, reveals the BJP Govt’s increasing insecurity in UP.”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was stopped in Mirzapur district from visiting Sonbhadra where she was scheduled to meet the victims of a clash where 10 people died.

I want to see the orders which stopped me from visiting victims: Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi said while sitting on Dharna “I wanted to meet the victims of the clash peacefully who had fallen to the bullets in the clash. I want to see the orders under which I have been stopped to meet the victims.”

Earlier General Secretary of UP for Congress had tweeted that “UP Government has failed to contain the crime in UP. People are being killed in daylight.  Land Mafia have killed 9 Gond Adivasi including 3 women in Umbha village of Sonbhadra. Administration, Region-Head and Ministers are all sleeping. Is this how a crime-free state is made?”

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About nineteen people were injured in the incident on Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh. Some of the injured were admitted in the health facility in Sonbhadra district and some were admitted in hospital in Varanasi.

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