Are You Unsuccessful in Your Job Hunt? Here are the things that you might not be doing right

The job hunt can be difficult and in online space, it is tricky too. Here are the things you might be missing while searching for your dream job

We are sailing through the eighth month of pandemic and we all know, how difficult it has been for all of you to look for the right job for yourself. Every day, we come across youngsters and even professionals who are struggling to find the right job for themselves but are unable to get one. Where COVID has added a lot to the difficulties of finding the right for oneself, getting the right job has not been easy in the digital age of 2020. Yet, where you are struggling with getting the right job for yourself, the hiring managers are also struggling in getting the right candidate for their organisation. Especially during the pandemic, where there is a lot of cost-cutting, the hiring managers are ensuring that they don’t end up getting any employee who doesn’t lift up the value of the organisation. Gone are the days when people used to wipe through the classified sections of newspapers to find out the companies hiring and gone are the days when hiring managers used to organise in-person interviews. Now is the digital age and yes, it is not so easy.

Well, let us first see what you might have done till now to get your dream job

– Made profiles on different job portals
– Asked your friends and relatives to let you know if they get to know any hiring call matching your profile.
– Made LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and ended up falling in the doom scrolling through its jobs section
– Emailed on the email address mentioned in the JOIN OUR TEAM section of your favourite organisations

Well, I won’t say any of it is wrong but honestly, they are not very effective. Or maybe you need to do a few more things along with keeping up with what you have been doing till now. Here are a few things that you can experiment with to get the right job.

1. Instead of doom scrolling on different Job Portals, simply search on google, “Jobs near me” which will give you all the jobs near you. You can customize your search on the basis of your profile and location. This option works really well and will redirect you towards the right channel (email address/ application form) to connect with the hiring managers.

2. Make your LinkedIn profile not for the sake of making it. Make it worth checking. Keep your entire profile updated, from your bio to the courses you have done to your experiences and achievement. Give enough time in deciding for what purpose do you want to make your profile. Your profile should tell everything about you as a person and as a professional.

3. Connect with all the people who belong to your stream and work in your dream organisations. Connect with the HR manager of the organisations you want to work with. Most of the times, people of the organisation share about the hirings at their workplace. Keep a close eye on them and act upon it immediately if you see any job matching your profiles.

4. Slide into their DMs and tell them about yourself and why you want to work with their organisation. Now note, don’t try to talk to an HR, especially on LinkedIn without an updated profile as the moment they will check your DM, they will scroll through your profile.

5. Now, there is a high possibility that if the people you directly messaged like your profile and if you happen to make a good impression through your message on them, they will give you the email address of the people (probably HR) and will ask you to share your resume and work samples.

6. Now, this step is one of the most important ones and you mustn’t just randomly send your resume and samples in a mail.

– As soon as you get the email address, go to your resume and check out all the things you have mentioned in it. Add or subtract any data from your resume on the basis of the requirements of the organisation.
– While sharing your work samples, don’t just send them all of it, scattered in different documents and links. You can play smart and use tools like Linkin Tree to group up all your samples together.
– Third and the most important, don’t send a dull resume without any mail body. Customise the mail body according to the conversation, tell them who you are, how did you get to connect on this id and give reference of the person who is connecting you to them. Also, give a brief summary of yourself to make a better impact.

7. For people, especially in creative fields, making just a good LinkedIn Profile won’t help a lot. They need to maintain their other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and their field-specific accounts. Having a blog or page where they put out their work definitely makes an impression on the hiring manager.

Where these are the few things we would like to suggest to you, you must experiment for yourself to find the right strategy that will work for you and your profile. Remember, not getting an opportunity doesn’t mean you are not deserving, it either means that the profile you applied for doesn’t fit you or there is some flaw in your strategy. Relook at them and keep up the good work. We pray that you get the right job for yourself soon.

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