Are you taking the right type of Calories?

Are you taking the right type of Calories? Take a look here

The British nutrition foundation has launched a concept called “quality calorie” to make people concerned about the type of food they are consuming. Many adults consume more calories than what is needed. Reducing the amount of calories is not enough but there is a need to check the type of calorie consumed on the basis of nutritional values. So, are you taking the right type of calories?

Right type of calorie

Public health England suggests

400 calories at breakfast

600 calories at lunch, and

600 calories for Dinner

Then, leaving room for the intake of other drinks and snacks

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Quality calorie food

Food packets tell you how many calories you are taking, but working the healthiest choice could be still trickier. Avocado contains a lot of good nutrients. It contains a huge amount of calories and the calories has the best “quality”. Similarly nuts are also quality calories which makes them a good snack and an alternative of biscuits. A 30g handful of nuts contains about 174kcal.

Also, remember that a low-calorie beer is not nutritious. Therefore, it would be absolutely vague to say, that the high-calorie food is unhealthy and the low-calorie food is nutritious.

Low and zero calories

Low calorie means, 40 calories or less per serving if it is a food and 20kcal per 100ml if it is a drink. Manufacturers are allowed to say that their food is calorie free if it has less than 5 calories- but these still counts.

According to a government research, about a quarter of calories is consumed outside of the home by an average person. This is due to the increase in the cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. A regular latte coffee contains about 78kcal. Moreover, adding vanilla syrup can further be doubled up to 175kg without gaining any quality calories.

Quality Calorie diet

A healthy diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables, some starchy food such as wholegrain bread, pasta and rice, protein from meat, fish, dairy and pulses and a bit of fat. Cut down things such as sugary fizzy drinks, alcoholic drinks, cakes, biscuits, pastries, and sugary breakfast cereal. A body mass index can help you to judge whether you are a healthy weight or not.

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