5 Pranks you can try this April Fool’s Day: Tension ke mahol Mai mazak jaroori hai

April fool pranks ideas: A little laugh on oneself isn’t that bad!

The one day of the year you have the perfect excuse to prank your friends and your enemies. If you feel your friends and family haven’t been pranked in a while and their time is due, then do not wait bang on them this April fool’s day. The first of April is an annual day for jokes, hoaxes and pranks and a time for much needed belly laughs. The fun dosen’t just ends here, the month April also marks the start of National Humour Month, a month long celebration of laughter and humor month.

So, what are you waiting for? Month of laughter is already here get ready to BANG ON! We know there is so much happening around this year, but thoda mazak toh chalta hai to lighten the mood.

Here are the 5 April fool pranks ideas you can try it on your friends

1. Rumour Rammer

Fix a target, preferably your best friend and ask them about some ridiculous rumour such as, “Heard your girlfriend broke up with you?” Do not limit the possibilities. Involve as many people as you can in the prank. After he’s been rammed with the rumour for an entire day, he will certainly lose his mind.

2. The Scare

Tell your friends you are playing a new game these days which is, “it” game. Ask them to download it. Initially it will appear to be a game but unexpectedly flash a scary image, freaking them out.

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3. Make your neighbours think the NSA is watching them

Make your neighbours paranoid about their online activities by changing your wifi network name to, “NSA Survelliance Van. You may not get to enjoy the results directly of this prank but it’s funny idea nonetheless.

4. Just for Laughs

Loosen the door knob of the main door of your house. Invite your friends and relatives over for tea. And watch how they react differently when they think they have broken the door knob! Record, Rewind, and laugh.

5. Stink Bombs

This one is a dirty trick. While sitting at home or in a meeting, you can certainly throw stink pellets and target someone and give them ridiculous looks. Make sure few people are involved in it and they all target the same person. Laugh your hearts out as you watch the target being uncomfortable in his seat.

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