Apple’s latest iOS released with bug fixes and much more

Here is all you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS

With iOS 10 being only 3 months old, Apple is already out with it’s another iOS update. Apparently, update of the latest iOS released this week brings along number of bug fixes present in the previous iOS. iOS 10.2 has brought along with it some great features along with 100+ new emoticons. Yes, you heard that right. So many new emoticons, isn’t that interesting? Here are all the features that you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS.

The latest iOS update fixes many security issues as well which were present in the previous version. But it brings along some of its own issues. Many complaints by iPhone and iPad users were registered after updating the iOS on social media.

Apple’s latest iOS released with bug fixes and much more
iOS 10.2 in for many surprises

Bugs and Issues with iOS 10.2

Some devices would not stop rebooting, connect to iTunes, would not unlock with Touch ID and many more. The users, who have already complained about their devices’ battery life, are now reporting that the problem has gotten worse post the update.

Many users were complaining regarding the EarPods bug since September which has also not being fixed by the update. People have reported about no sound coming from the EarPods at all to call being cut abruptly when using EarPods.
Another bug which was not fixed would be the choppy Bluetooth audio problem faced by the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users. Seemingly, the bug has something to do with the surrounding but nonetheless needs to be fixed.

After all the none-fixed bugs, one bug rather a feature fixed or changed by team Apple in the new iOS update would be a special black wallpaper that would make the folder backgrounds disappear. This issue has now been solved.
That was all about the newly launched iOS 10.2; now let us wait for Apple’s next step to actually fix the bugs as complaint by the users.

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