Apple news is back!


Apple on Tuesday launched new tools for its imaginatively named Apple News news app to publishers of all sizes, expanding the amount of content you’ll be able to read on your iPhone. Local newspapers, independent publishers and even bloggers can now offer up content in the so-called Apple News Format.

Apple is finally rolling out its Apple News Format to all publishers, after an initial announcement at WWDC 2015. The format lets anyone, big or small; create rich multimedia stories within the Apple News app, featuring panoramas, videos, animations and more.

apple news

Meanwhile, Apple continues to expand and tweak the product. Late last year, Apple added an updated, curated list of stories that made Apple News work a bit more like a conventional newspaper.

Now it is adding new editing tools that are supposed to make it easier for smaller publishers to create content for the service. It is also rolling out an analytics dashboard that gives publishers more data about the way their stuff is performing.

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