Apple iOS 10 is finally here! Check out its features

Apple iOS 10 is finally launched to be in the hands of apple lovers as iPhones, iPads and iPods at World Wide Developer Conference 2016 promising bulk of advanced and exciting features

Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the new version as “The mother of all releases” as it binds up 10 new highlighting features for iOS.


Apple iOS 10

From a smarter Siri to interactive Messages, here is a glimpse of features:

1. Messages will be so much fun

Animations like balloons, confetti or fireworks to make full screen to celebrate occasion. Secret messages can be sent through invisible ink and handwritten notes option for personal touch in messages.

2. Photos

With advances combinations you can become smarter and it also helps find photos from forgotten occasions. Memories are not easy to erase from Apple’s device.

Many more features are there to hung upon all day

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