Apple introduced touch 3D

Last fall, Apple introduced Touch 3D, a feature that allows iPhone 6s and 6s Plus detects light and firm touch screen presses. You might also remember that event as the last time you gave any thought 3D Touch. That is about to change.

Until now, 3D touch saved the trouble of entering an application to access its functions. Now it will save time entering your phone at all. Having a chat notification? 3D-Touch brings you into the conversation. Do you want to know where your Uber is?



Give it a pop, and get live tracking of your controller. You need a score update? Go ahead and press soft-ESPN and see how bad the bullpen Baltimore Orioles can blow in real time.

Are you, like me, one of the five or six enthusiasts Apple News? If you receive a notice of history, you can read everything from the lock screen thanks to 3D touch.

Of course, 3D touch will not touch every part of your phone. But it will do something much more important: Ensure that you touch your phone less.

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