Why all the anti-BJP people are looking at the Kanhaiya’s Begusarai


Bihar: The first chapter of politics

Cometh the election time and there is no other place than Bihar to get into the details of election ambiance. Politics of Bihar has always been very interesting and attractive since India got freedom.  Be it Champaran Satyagraha in 1916 or the latest Kanhaiya Kumar contesting from Begusarai election from CPI. Bihar has given some prominent leaders to India. Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, and Ram Vilas Paswan are the present legends leading three different parties.

Kanhiaya Kumar was arrested by Delhi Police

The name of Kanhaiya Kumar started buzzing since he was elected as the President of JNUSU election. He was arrested by Delhi police when an event was organized against the hanging of Parliament attack convict in JNU. Anti-National slogans were raised at the event and Kanhaiya allegedly didn’t stop them.  Kumar denied these charges and said he didn’t shout any slogan and never said anything against the integrity of the country.

Kanhiaya Kumar is famous for his good orations skills

The country knows how good a speaker Kanhaiya Kumar is? His speeches connect to masses and people think Kanhaiya is more doer than a speaker. CPI candidate of Begusarai isn’t rich and has fought the election on public funding. He said his supporters are his sponsors. When Kumar speaks he talks about the poor, Dalits and minority which connect with people. Him being not rich makes him one of their (masses) own.

Opposition is keeping a check with Begusarai seat

Anti- NDA party is keeping a close look at this hot seat. BJP has its government in more than 19 states and since 2014 they have dominated every type of election. There is no denying in this fact that BJP seems to be in driving seat in this election too. The opposition including every other party who is not a part of NDA has their eyes set on Begusarai seat to see the young guy defeating the legendary leaders. The trio of Giriraj Singh (BJP), Tanweer Hasan( RJD) and Kanhaiya Kumar(CPI) are fighting to win the eternal glory of parliament seat. The young kid who was once called “anti-national” got beaten by a group in a court is making waves with his thoughts, is giving him the eyeballs.

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People are looking at Kanhaiya because he is young and has very good oration skills. He has been helped by some of the intellectual artists of India. Javed Akhtar, Prakash Raj, Swara Bhaskar and more have visited Begusarai to help the cause of former JNUSU President. Elections took place on 6th May in Begusarai and results will come out on 23rd May.

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