Another surprise for Samsung customers

Samsung to launch two-folded smartphone next year

As per the sources, Samsung is all set to launch its new smartphone in the earlier months of next year with the special feature of being foldable. Apparently, the smartphone would easily to able to pass for a tablet with the ability to fit in your pockets.

The smartphone is rumored to be currently being tested in China for final launch. Seems like post the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s disastrous departure from the markets due to faulty system, the brand is willing to take further risk with the future flagships.

If the anonymous sources are to be believed, the smartphone is a 7-inch device which be reduced to 5-inch when folded. Also, the device which could be referred as a ‘Smartlet’ was in development for past three years which the company kept under folds.

Another surprise for Samsung customers
Samsung’s foldable smartphone

Samsung’s display division which has been working on bendy plastic screens should be of great advantage for the product. Even the division’s director,Lee Chang-hoon in his address to the investors earlier this year claimed that the development of the foldable OLED screens is going as decided and should be ready for production soon.

The device is rumored to be tested with two versions, one with Snapdragon 620 processor whereas other with the advanced Snapdragon 820. Also, the device shall support 3GB of RAM with the memory card slot. The non-removable battery though could serve as a drawback.

The device is pondered to be styled as a Notebook by many speculators due to its foldable nature. Samsung has yet to confirm any rumors on the matter. Notably, the firm once mentioned about the development of the high-resolution plastic screens.

Let us remind you that LG also in 2013 envisioned the development of bendy screens but any such speculations are yet to be confirmed by both the brands. Till the brands themselves confirm any news about the launch and development, nobody can do anything expect to wait and watch.

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