Another Heart Transplant surgery successful in Fortis

Heart transplant surgery successful after joint efforts of Police and Doctors

A 61-year-old ischemic cardiomyopathy patient went under a life-altering heart transplant surgery, courtesy to an ex-serviceman who donated his heart to the patient after being involved in a fatal road accident.

The 55-year-old ex-serviceman when brought to the Fortis Hospital in Noida after the accident. He was said to be in a critical condition and was declared brain dead by the doctors after various efforts.

His family who was in great grief after the man’s death went through counseling and finally came forward to donate the organs of the deceased.

Dr. Z S Meharwal who is the Director of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in FEHI led the surgery along with a team of extremely skilled doctors.

In order to transport the donor’s heart for the surgery fast, a green corridor between Noida and FEHI, Okhla was created.

With major help of Delhi and Noida traffic police, the 22km distance was covered in mere 16 minutes and 20 seconds.

Apparently, the receiver of the heart was suffering from chronic problems for 17 years. The situation got worst for the past 3 years and the only alternative available was a heart transplant.

Another Heart Transplant surgery successful in Fortis
Heart transported in mere 16 minutes 20 seconds


Dr. Z S Meharwal who carried out the surgery admitted, “The patient had been suffering from a severe heart condition for very long. Despite the multiple treatment solutions administered during the interceding years, his heart continued to deteriorate and a heart transplant became essential. The surgery was successful and the patient is stable now and responding well to the treatment. He will be under constant observation for the next 72 hours.”

The family of the patient was also very grateful towards the donor and the hospital authorities for saving the patient’s life.

The donor also donated his liver and kidney which were carefully stored in Fortis Hospital, Noida. The organs benefitted two more patients suffering from organ failure.

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