Annual India Symposium on ‘Science and Society’: Highlights from the event

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Science and technology play a central role in Societal Development: Event highlights 

Science and society are two elements that are symbiotic relation, each of it requires the presence of another to exist. The event was all about strengthening the country’s science clusters so that these are accessible and relevant to all in society.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Who all were present in the event?

 1. The event was witnessed by science panelists who addressed the audience on several scientific issues. More than 150 leaders from business, academia, industry, government and the research community, as well as officials and students from 20 academic institutes in India, took part in an event that also marks Harvard University’s increased academic research presence in India.

2. The event was an all-day event where the 3rd session was for student’s interest where the topic for Life science was raised. Panelists discussed how science is related to our daily life and why need to study life science. Both students and researchers got a chance to clear their doubts regarding science and Technology in the interactive session.

3.Several questions like why science seems to be a boring subject to the students although it covers the most part of our life. The panelist for 3rd session Yamuna Krishnan, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago briefed the audience the interrelation of life science with our life.

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Who hosted the event?

The symposium, which hosted scientists from leading universities in the US and India, identified two other overarching crucial objectives like to link country’s efforts in science and technology to global initiatives so communities benefit from shared knowledge also to foster a culture of scientific literacy at large. The segments in the sessions had several motives to complete amongst which panelist discussed the 21st century as the age of biology and why sciences in diverse ways are important for society.

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