Ankush Bahuguna, a man who is here to Slay & Stay!


Ankush Bahuguna – Millennial Man who inspires us to run behind our dreams every single day!

With a lot of content flooding on social media every day, it is very difficult to stand out.  It takes a lot of effort to be unique every time when you post something on social media, isn’t? The success of any person is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much that one has to put to be successful.  In the social media age, we have an attention span of 8 seconds. Yes, just 8 seconds! Still, there are people who know how to hit the right chord & how to keep someone hooked till the end. One of them is Ankush Bahuguna, a man who is here to slay and stay. Just in case, if you don’t know him- He is an actor, writer, and Entertainment Editor at! His fans call him ‘Kanzoos Pankhaj’.

Here are 5 reasons why he is here to stay and every budding social media influencer should take note:

1. He is damn Relatable

He picks things that are simple yet important.  He remains so damn relatable in every single video. Be it videos on East Delhi girls in a cab or creepy guys in DM, he makes sure not to miss out any detail.

Hear him out:

2. He believes in being original and authentic

Ankush doesn’t believe in following the trend. In fact, he believes in setting one. His write-ups are crisp & that what is required today.  His scripts are made up of masala, uniqueness and a lot of humor. It is a blend that will always have a high selling price in the market.

3. A keen observer

 I mean who observes how people react while listening to sad songs in the metro? Guess what? He does. It was one of the best videos he made. This comes with great observation and to be successful in the writing profession, it is highly recommended.

4. Kanjoos Pankhaz make us laugh hard – The emotion which is difficult to play with

His Kanjoos Pankhaz character is very famous among his fans. The character makes us laugh hard.  Today, making someone laugh hard is really difficult. His uniqueness hooks us and hats off to his acting skills.

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5. Exploring new things & being mediocre is okay!

There is no written rule that you can’t make a U-turn once you have started something. He studied architecture for 5 years and then decided to try his hand in writing. Also, he was not a born actor; he discovered it while working for Mensxp. So, you should always keep exploring new things.

All we want to say is Thank you for inspiring a lot of millennials there & making our days better with your wonderful videos!  We give him the title Social Media Star of the year 2019.

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