Android and iPhone users have different personalities?

Personality differences between an Android and iPhone user

A recent study found that Android and iPhone users have different personalities. The research suggests that Android users are more humble and honest than the iPhone users.

Heather Shaw, from the University of Lincoln in the U.K, said, “This study provides new insights into personality differences between different types of Smartphone users.”

She added by saying that Smartphone choice tells us a lot about the user and is the most basic level of Smartphone personalization.

According to the study, Android users are usually older males who don’t care much about their social status or wealth. They tend even to be more honest and have higher agreeability. They also don’t often break the rules for self-gain.

Android and iPhone users have different personalities?
Choice of smartphones determine your personality

The study also suggested that iPhone users have less interest in honesty and humility and are more emotional. They tend to be more extroverts.

iPhone users are more concerned about viewing their iPhone as a status object than their Android complements. However, they are less concerned with owning devices that are preferred by most people.

Shaw quoted, “It is becoming more and more apparent that smart phones are becoming a mini digital version of the user, and many of us don’t like it when other people attempt to use our phones because it can reveal so much about us.”

Despite the differences, there are more Android users than iPhone users all around the globe. Where Android controls 80.7 percent of the market share, Apple phones have just 17.7 of the market. Notably, both of them together hold 98.4 percent of the world’s Smartphone use.

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