An actor to the core…..

An actor to the core…..

Everyone knows you as a successful actress. But tell us about the real Ekta Tiwari

An actor to the core…..


Ekta: I am from…Madhay pradesh Indore , studied in Delhi…, brought up in a Brahmin family. Did my dip. in electronics , dip. in e-comm , dip. in Kathak , dip. in performing arts, and am a commerce graduate.

Why did you get into acting?

Ekta: I am a Born artist! Well since childhood I was outstanding in dance n’ drama through out along with my studies.

An actor to the core…..


My wish was to become fighter pilot or aeronautical engineer. When I moved Delhi after 12th, and in my 2nd year of electronic dip, I went to Kathak Kendra to get admission. The Kendra was in the campus of National School of Drama, so I naturally visited the enquiry counter of NSD too.

There they asked me a few questions about my professional experience in drama, and suggested that I go to SRC – Shri Ram Centre for Performing Art.

From there, my journey began. I then completed the SRC course, and since then, have done lot of professional theater with many prominent theatre groups in Delhi. For this I have also travelled a lot.

I was also a dance n drama teacher in DPPS at Safdarjang Enclave, and took workshops at TIE OF NSD as a teacher. Then I topped the FTII entrance. However I didn’t take admission, and instead started working as assistant director and voice over artist.

An actor to the core…..

Then I got associated with Wizcraft, an event management company as an associate produce. I returned to acting with Sony and Star Plus show ‘Chittor ki Rani Padmini and ‘Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum’ respectively. Then Sahara TV’s show ‘Ganesh Leela’, followed by a milestone of my career ‘Tere mere Sapne’by Star Plus. Afterwards journey u all know..

What are your other passions?

Ekta: I m a person who is passionate about whatever Ido . Whatever occupies me creatively is my passion. And if you want me to name it.. It’s acting , teaching, reading , dancing, writing , singing, driving, travelling , gardening , crafting, cooking…rest you name it…. if that excites me that it’l become my passion.

What drives you? What Motivates you?

Ekta: if I answer this you’ll exhaust yourself laughing! Well nights drive me and days motivate me. Let me explain it to you…otherwise you’ll be confused….My brain system drives plans and blueprints for my furture moves at night and the plans motivate me to execute them in daytime….Wether it’s a routine plan or out of the routine plan.

What do you think about

Ekta: One different kind of channel or site where people can get knowledge and share knowledge or may be their thoughts about any thing and every thing.

You have signed up as a Citizen Journalist of What prompted you to sign up?

Ekta: First thing first…I write for my self and here to become a Citizen Journalist, I need not to ask any one can I write this or not… that freedom of sharing my thoughts as it is about any thing, is enough to take a call to become Citizen Jounralist for

Despite such a busy schedule, doing acting and teaching and stuff doing for own self keeps u too occupied . how do you find time for all this? Does it leave you some ‘me’ time too?

Ekta: ME TIME for ME is complete only when I m not free.. Hahaha.. A erson like me who’s workaholic feels very empty and zero when I get even 10 mins free, and then I don’t know what to do with these 10 mins. So for me my ME TIME is when I am completely busy.

What do you do to pamper yourself?

Ekta: My definition of pampering myself is to be what I am. I don’t believe in doing like people with double faces. Dual personality. I deal everything the way I want not the way people want me to. So by being myself, independent in thought is both a responsibility, and my way to pamper myself, both at the same time.

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