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Amazing facts about Strawberries!

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Oneworldnews brings to you some of the interesting and funny facts about this delicious yummy fruit.

• Evidences of strawberries cultivation dates back to 234 B.C in Italy.
• 1300 – The use of strawberries as medicinal herb started in France.
• 1400 – They were used by European monks for illuminating manuscripts.
• 1500s –Strawberry cultivation became more popular.
• Late 18th century – In France first garden strawberry was grown.
• 1835 – Strawberries were grown for the first time in America.
• 1900’s –California started cultivating strawberries and now grows about 80 percent of American strawberries.


Benefits of Strawberries



• There are as much as 600 varieties of strawberries differing in flavor, texture and size.
• Strawberries were considered as a symbol of righteousness and perfection in medieval times.
• Strawberries are also regarded as symbol of Venus- the goddess of love because of its red, rich color and heart shaped.
• Madame Tallien, a famous personality in the court of Napolean was known to bath in strawberry juice every day.
• According to legends, strawberries have derived their name from the English children who used to pick and hand them on grass straws and sold them under the name of “straws of berries”.
• Strawberries are wrongly named berries as unlike blueberries and raspberries, they do not have seeds.
• They belong to the family of apples and plums.
• Strawberry is a main attraction at the Wimbledon teenis matches. Elegantly dressed Englishmen eat strawberries and cream during the tennis matches.





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