Chewing Neem Regularly can help you to keep diseases at bay

Here are some 6 amazing benefits of chewing neem regularly

  • Skin Benefits
  • Good for Hair nourishing
  • Good for the eyes
  • Improve your immune system
  • Improve Digestion
  • Oral Health

We all know neem hold an immense importance in the traditional culture of India. The Neem tree is said to have over 130 different biological active compounds. Neem is used for Ayurvedic treatment for different issues ranging from inflammation, fever, infection, viral, skin disease to dental problems. Today, we will be talking about enormous health benefits of chewing neem on a regular basis.

Neem benefits

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Neem leaf is loaded with numerous health and skin benefits. If you chew neem leaves on a regular basis, you will be able to keep all types of health diseases at bay.

Here is the list of health benefits of chewing Neem Regularly:

Skin Benefits:

Neem leaf purifies blood that helps you to get naturally glowing skin. Neem leaves have strong anti- bacterial properties which work perfectly on infections, burn or any kind of skin infection. While a paste of Neem leaves of turmeric can be used for treating insect bite, itching, or any kind of problems. Neem can also treat all your acne and dark spots problem.

Good for Hair nourishing:

Chewing Neem leaves is beneficial for your hair also. Neem protects the scalp from the oxidative stress caused by the radicals. Neem leaves stimulate healthy cell division and support hair or gland growth around your scalp reason. Washing your hair with boiled neem water can do wonders. Neem has anti- fungal properties.

It has Anti – fungal properties

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Good for the eyes:

Ayurveda has explained how neem leaves can keep your eyes healthy. Chewing Neem can improve your vision. To treat any kind of itching, irritation, tiredness you can also boil some neem leaves and then you can use it to wash your eyes.

Improve your immune system:

Chewing Neem can prove very effective in boosting your immune system. These leaves can prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Neem leaves destroy bacteria and can further stimulate the immune system.

Improve Digestion:

Neem leaves are excellent for your liver which automatically enhances your digestion. Consuming neem on a daily basis also destroys bacteria in the intestinal region.

Oral Health:

We are very well versed with the idea of the men and women stepping out their balcony to brush their teeth with neem twigs. It is also effective against plaque formation and gum infection. Even if a woman is planning to conceive she should consume neem.

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