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Alvida-Adieu Holy Ramzaan

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The last Friday of the holy month of ‘Ramzaan’ is known as ‘Alvida’.

Around the world muslims with great reverence and respect, fast for 30 consecutive days during ‘Ramzaan’. Ramzaan is also known as the month of blessings.  In ‘Ramzaan’ the Almighty showers His blessings on all human beings. It was in this month that the sacred and holy Quranic verses came from heaven on the earth to guide human race on the right path of life and the right conduct to follow.

Holy Ramzaan
Holy Ramzaan

Alvida or Jummatul-vida brings a sense of remorse and sadness in all fast-keepers as it marks the departure of the holy ‘Ramzaan’-the beloved guest.

“The heaven and the earth mourn this day because the pious month, which is a godsend, is being snatched from them. Each Muslim is a host who weeps as he bids farewell to a loved guest.”

Religious prayers and ‘Namaaz’ are offered with utmost austerity and Special ‘Khutba’ is delivered by the ‘Pesh Imama Saheb’ in mosques.

It is firmly beloved that the Almighty fulfills all wishes asked by the believers as a token of love for the fasts kept during ‘Ramzaan’.

The subsequent Saturday is special as it is the 27th fast or ‘Roza’ and the ‘Lailat-ul-Qadr’ is one of the most important fast of all. The famous Islamic scholar, Maulana Sajid Hussain of Andheri- Mumbai said, “The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed over a period of 23 years and 3 months, and each time, it was on the night of ‘Lailat-ul-Qadr’ that this miracle was wrought. Those who pray during this time earn the virtue equivalent to 1,000 months of prayer, or 83 years and four months. It is mandatory to fast and read the Holy Quran this day, although this does not mean that one can omit fasting during the rest of the month.”

The vice-president of the dual Uloom Hanfia Rizvia ( a Madarsa in Colaba), Qari Niyaz Ahmad Qadri mentioned, “Each prayer uttered with sincerity on ‘Lailat-ul-Qadr’, be it for health or personal happiness or indeed for world peace, comes to fruition. This is the night that crowns the month of Ramzaan although the rituals remain the same.”

Oneworldnews wishes you ‘Alvida Mubarak’ and warm thoughts for Eid-ul-Fitr. Inshaallah Alvida will bring a new dawn in our life and will emancipate us from all forms of miseries and misfortunes. Peace, wellness, tranquility, luck, love and prosperity will be at our doorstep. So go ahead celebrate ‘Jummatul-Vida’ with utmost respect and offer prayers to all powerful Lord above- the Creator, Protector and the only Destroyer.

Alvida Mahe Ramzaan

Alvida Mahe Rahmat

“Adieu the Holy Month of Ramzaan

Adieu the Month of Blessings”

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