All you need to know about the ‘Homeless guy’ who got job offer from Netflix

Things you need to know about the homeless guy who got a job offer from Netflix 

Some people are truly an inspiration. They set an example for others by not giving up. This past weekend a man went viral for all right reasons. He was all across the internet because he was trying to get a job for himself. The man’s name is David Casarez and he currently lives in Moutain View, California. He stood on the road with a placard asking for a job and distributed his resume rather than asking for money. Now, this homeless guy has got more than 200 job offers. Here are few things you need to know about this Homeless Guy who is getting praised by the people all across the world.

Who is he?

His name is David Casarez. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in management information systems from Texas A&M University and then landed a good job as a web developer in General Motors in Austin, Texas. After that, he decided to went for startup. It was not the right decision for him and luck didn’t favor him. He ran out of money this past June and has been living out of his van a park bench. So this Friday he decided to make a bold move and stood at a San Fransico intersection with a signboard that read, “Homeless, Hungry 4 Success. Take a Resume.”

One person who was just crossing that lane got amazed by his work and tweeted out a picture of David along with a request to offer him a suitable job. That post went viral. He is now getting offers from Google and Netflix. David is overwhelmed with the love from the internet. He recently tweeted about the same and wrote, “I have gotten a bunch of support. Thank you so much!” Well, the homeless guy is no more a homeless guy! He deserves it. He took a bold step and didn’t give up.

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