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All is not well in life: Here is how to bounce back?

How to bounce back in life if everything is not going well?

Often you must have heard the phrase, “If things go well” is used in every type of situation whether the topic being is about the relationship, or about the professional life or any other issue. People say this to satisfy them as well as their close one’s mind for that period of time. Even if we are unsure from within, we say it for the sake of satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter how hard the situation is, you have to face it whether voluntarily or mandatorily. If you will not face the problem, then the consequences will only get worse with time. Instead of running from the problem and keeping it in mind, try facing it and forgetting it forever. While facing the problem you might think that you are the most unlucky person alive on the plant but believe us, it will make you learn the lesson which will help you in making a better decision in future.

(Everything will fall into place)

Siding the Complications        

Botheration and troublesome will lead you to be a person with an anxious mind. A mind which will make things even more difficult for you. Anxiety can even make you suffer from a messy mind, which is, over thinking.  

Why do we have over empathy and how is it bad for the health?

Sharing feelings, listening to other’s problems, helping them, getting affected by the complications which your close one is facing are the signs of a good human being. As far as it is not affecting you emotionally as well as physically and disturbing the stability of your mind, showing empathy is not harmful to the peace of mind. Once we start getting affected by the situation in a way then it can affect us adversely. 

When you have an anxious mind, try to see your thoughts as guesses and not facts. Your mind thinks because it’s the work of the brain and try to help you in the situations. The fact that whatever it thinks is true, is not at all correct. Compare your thoughts based on past experiences. And think which is most likely to happen with all the pros and cons. By simply listening to your mind and not giving it any second thought will definitely lead you to a bad situation someday.


Ever heard from anyone saying that their mind was completely blank even for few seconds? It is practically illogical. Your mind can never be empty. Yes, it can be distracted or something but can never be blank. Think your mind as a source of millions of thoughts that keep on passing through it rather than just accepting as truth whatever goes into it.

Reacting to the situation should always be the second thing, the main and foremost is your thinking process. You should always think before any action. Just think about the thoughts passing by in your mind.

Our mind might forget the good past but recalls the negative experience even if a small thing is relatable happening in the present. Try focusing on your present scenario. Of course, you need to learn the lesson but not by ruining the peace of mind as well as the current moment.

When we are in trouble we hope of things getting better, or something will change or we finally avoid them. We are not ready to accept the difficult situation thinking about the after effects of it.

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The hard thing is in you! Your sin, Your pride or Lack of leadership drive

Reality Check

You have to stop faking and start facing reality. Once you list down all the difficulties, discussing it with the friends or colleagues can be of great help in checking that you are being real with it.

Own the Challenge

For solving any problem from its roots you have to be courageous. Making excuses and running away from it will not benefit you in any way. Start accepting the challenges with strength.

Start with different

If you keep on doing the same things again and again, then don’t expect for any different result. You have to be different from your actions and try something new in order to get the desired result.

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