Alia Bhatt’s Birthday special: From SOTY to Gangubai, Here is How the Actress Transformed

From SOTY to Gangubai, the best of Alia Bhatt

Every person comes in an atmosphere and grows to become the best version of themselves. And if this statement fits the best to anyone’s personality, then it surely is Alia Bhatt. Well, of course, the fact exists that Alia wouldn’t have found it to be extremely difficult to prosper in the setup, but her transformation as an actor is highly commendable and inspiring. Remember, when she was first introduced by the big banner of YRF in the film, Student of the Year. Well, at that point in time, Alia was found to be a cute, little girl fitting in that film. But from now, with Gangubai being her upcoming release that has already set its hype, Alia’s performance and roles have only shown her versatility. So, let’s see her best performances that led to this transformation.


After Student Of the Year, Alia came to be seen in the film, Highway, directed by none other than Imtiaz Ali. Well, this film was an important film for the career of the director, and even more important for the actress herself. And she certainly did not disappoint at all. In fact, with Highway, people got to see more of Alia’s acting, making it a win-win for her.

2 States

After seeing such a good performance in Highway, expectations from Alia in 2 States were higher. Though her performance was not disappointing, but not an over-the-top performance too. Yet, it was a comforting film and appearance to watch.

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Kapoor and Sons

Parallel to her performance in 2 States, Alia in Kapoor and Sons can also be seen as a comforting appearance. And Kapoor and Sons, being a multi-star film, with prime protagonists of the plot being Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan, Alia did just the best she could.

Udta Punjab

And then the big acting break happened. If one needs to see Alia’s acting, Udta Punjab is the film that should be watched. Alia’s presence and appearance in the film are grose, dystopic and at times, just asking for help. She is clever and innocent, diplomatic and straight. Her character is mixed of emotions and that is being played perfectly by her which is what is amazing and the moment of transformation.

Dear Zindagi

Again, one of the finest performances of Alia, standing in parallel to none other than Shahrukh Khan. This is one of the performances where we see Alia being numb and emotionless (as it was the demand of the character). And how she played this emotionlessness and then outburst with emotions is what is most loved about this film.


One of the finest and most progressive films in Alia’s filmography is Raazi. Here, starring against Vickey Kaushal, Alia nailed in every scene. From the start to the end of the film, there are different layers of Alia’s character, that get unfolded while she plays her part. She is playing ‘Sehmat’, an Indian spy in Pakistan. It is extremely beautiful to see her being innocent and clever at the same time. Sehmat’s character is written in the form where she needs to look innocent, and play smart and this is what is seen in her presentation on the screen.

Well, this is how Alia transformed. Though her last performance, i.e. in Sadak 2 was not well received by the audience because of the debates around nepotism, her upcoming film, ‘Gangubai’ will be a period drama and a period film for the era too. People are already excited about the trailer as Alia will be seen in a form that has never been seen before. So, this was from SOTY to Gangubai, the best of Alia Bhatt. Let us know your favorite performance of Alia in the comments.

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