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Algerian Plane crash kills 77, leaves a lone survivor

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The US built C 130 Hercules military transport plane crashed at about noon on February 11. The plane was about to descend when it hit Mount Fertas and exploded in the Oum El Boughai region of Algeria. It was flying from Tamanrasset in southern Algeria to Constantine in the east


The plane carried 74 passengers, which included soldiers and their family members along with four crew members. 71 bodies have been recovered so far. And only one lone survivor, a young Algerian soldier is said to have survived. The male soldier whose identity has not been revealed yet, has suffered head injuries. He was transferred to the capital after being treated locally in Eastern Algeria where the military transport crashed.Rescue workers came on the spot despite the mountainous region and cold weather conditions. Injured people were taken to a hospital in Constantine where the plane was scheduled to land.


Air traffic controllers lost radio and radar contact due to a snowstorm in the area and bad weather conditions. Said to be one of country’s deadliest air disaster, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced 3 days of national mourning to begin on February 12, praising the soldiers who perished in the crash as “martyrs” and offered his condolences to the families of the victims.

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