Exclusive Love Prediction by Tarot Card Reader Akriti Bhatia, Check yours!

Renowned tarot card reader Akriti Bhatia shells out love predictions as per your zodiac signs.

A recent live session with renowned tarot card reader Akriti Bhatia gave us the opportunity to get to know her better. Bhatia ditched Company Secretariat (CS) and chose to be a Tarot card reader like her mother, who is an astrologer. The Self-learnt tarot card reader talked about manifestation, how to become a tarot card reader, and most importantly, she also gave a live prediction on love life of different zodiac signs.

Here the love prediction of the season as per your zodiac sign.

Aries, love is on the cards

The deck picks out a card for Aries called lovers. Lovers card represents a soulmate connection. You are attracting a soulmate. If you are also luring someone, then there are high chances that they turn out to be your soulmate.

Add some sugar to your words. A choice of good, healthy, and vice words will improve your relationship with your partner. If you’re not in a relationship, loving words may also help you find one. It is high time that you start making the right and wise choices.

Taurus, Move on

Taurus is lucky enough to get two cards.

1st is 8 cups, and 2nd is the ace of pentacles. Taurus is gearing for a turn right now. There is a change in your priorities and heading towards what makes you happy. The process may involve moving on from the past and towards stability (an emotional one) and settlement. A good offer is waiting for you not just in terms of love but career-wise too. Move on towards new beginnings.

Gemini, if life is slow, go with the flow!

Your card is the night of pentacles. It seems that you are too focused on your career. Therefore, your love life is sluggish. If you are already in a relationship, then it is running at a slow pace. You need to opt for a practical approach in your love life. Don’t be in a hurry to fix everything. Take cautious steps. Wait for the right person.

Cancer, expect the unexpected!

A good proposal is waiting for you with flowers and a ring. You can expect more harmony if you are already in love. Your love life is moving towards romantic stability. This is your time for those who are waiting for their parents’ mood to introduce them to your loved ones. If you are having a tough time with the family because of love, no worries, it will settle soon.

Leo, know your worth!

The tarot deck takes out 9 pentacles for you. The card gives very independent energy. This means you are enjoying your singlehood, and better you continue doing it. Don’t invest your emotions in haste.

If you are already married or in a relationship, just know your worth. The angels are giving you a message to focus more on yourself. Remember, no compromise in any case!

Virgo, you’re the King & Queen!

Reading interest soars as angels have entrusted you with the queen of wands and king of pentacles. You are King or Queen in a relationship (irrespective of gender). If You are in a relationship, then one of you is creative and passionate, and the other is family-oriented, nurtured, and loyal.

If you are single, then you might attract someone in your life. However, as you are an attractive person, don’t let anyone steal your thunder.

Note: Manifestation will do wonders for you.

Libra, Keep calm!

Libra, you got temperance. As the name suggests, this card is about patience. Your card possesses good luck for you. Also, it reveals specific opposite energy between you and your partner in terms of miles or personality. You must be patient in love. Try to balance your chakra.

Scorpio, be decisive!

We have judgment and a king of swords on the table for you. Scorpions may be likely to get some news that will significantly change your life. If your relationship is on the rocks, it’s time to communicate it with your partner. Don’t doubt your rationality and make a decision.

Sagittarius, Soulmate alert!

The 2 cup cards bring along harmonious energy for Sagittarius. The following two months may get specific changes or news in your love life. If you are in a relationship, congratulations! They are your soulmate, and they may be likely to step in if not.

You never know!

Capricorn, Sabr & Shukr on Cards

4 of the swords depict that you are on a break from love and busy enjoying me-time. It is high time to shrug off the tensions. Don’t overthink The second card for you is 9 cups showing a sign that your wish can come true.

Aquarius, Confusion, communication & clarity

7 of the cups show many choices for you, which brings Confusion. You may expect a lot from your love life. Or your expectations are not fulfilled in your way. Queen of cups assures that your desires will be fulfilled, but don’t let anybody play with your emotions.

Pisces, Be Bindas!

The Tarot deck shows 10 cups and fools for you. They guide you to spend more time with your loved ones. You are attracting new energy. This indicates an unknown person or a new beginning for you.

Tell us what more you want Akriti Bhatia to predict?

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