AIIMS Delhi calls off strike, gives 48-hour ultimatum to Mamta Banerjee to meet demands


RDA (Resident Doctors Association) released a press released and informed the media about the recent development in the matter

Doctors of AIIMS Delhi have called off the strike and gave the 48-hour ultimatum to Mamta Banerjee. The doctors want the Chief Minister of Bengal to meet all the demands until 48 hours. If the demands are not met, doctors will again go for an indefinite strike. Resident Doctors Association (RDA) said that they will continue to use the red-stained bandages and helmets during the work as a sign of protest.

Bengal Chief Minister earlier gave 4-hour ultimatum to doctors to withdraw protest

The ultimatum has come after the West Bengal Mamta Banerjee’s four-hour ultimatum to call off the strike. Mamta gave this ultimatum on Thursday saying that either the doctors call off the strike or vacate the hostels.

Doctors from several parts of the country including Delhi AIIMS, Odisha, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, went on strike in solidarity to the doctors who were on strike in West Bengal.

The doctors all across the country are striking for a safe environment for practitioners. Doctors are asking for the safe environment after few doctors were assaulted in West Bengal when they were not able to save an old man.

Mamta Banerjee on Friday invited two junior doctors to talk

Mamta Banerjee on Friday invited two junior doctors who were protesting but they refused the invitation saying the chief minister wants to break the stir.

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After the doctors refused to meet Mamta, she called them again at 5 pm on Saturday to find a solution to the ongoing deadlock.

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