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Aesha Mukerji and Shweta Tiwari, Powerful women who proved ‘Log Kya Sochenge’ doesn’t matter!

Aesha Mukerji Powerful Post is a gentle reminder that Divorce should be normalized in our society

Aesha Mukerji: Wife of Indian cricketer Shikar Dhawan took to Instagram to announce her divorce with Shikar Dhawan. Ayesha shared the news on September 7 with a powerful post on divorce.  Her Instagram post is an inspiration to many women who are struggling to move out from a marriage. In fact, it has also initiated a conversation around divorce on social media.  When famous people part their ways, it becomes news that is widely discussed. Well, over the years, we have seen many popular faces parting ways from their spouse. Be it Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Malaika Arora, Kirti Kulhari, and many others. The best part is that they have helped in normalizing the conversation around Divorce.

Divorce, a Bad Word

In India, Divorce is usually considered a “Bad Word”.  Our society doesn’t believe in this concept. People are expected to be in a marriage for various reasons (family reputation, children, financial dependency, and of course Log Kya Sochenge). While countries like the US and Luxembourg normalize getting out of an unhappy marriage and being divorced, in India, we are expected to settle and adjust.  Almost every relationship expert has pointed that the term Divorce comes with a loaded stigma. In fact, the modern Indian diaspora is still intimated, or not well equipped to deal with divorce, experts believe! In that case, it takes a lot of courage when people decide to come out from an unhappy marriage. Aesha Mukerji powerful post on divorce is a gentle reminder that Divorce is not a crime.

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It is important to discuss unhappy marriages instead of just be in a rush to make it work. Before we talk more about it, let us take a look at her post.

Divorce means – Choosing yourself 

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Talking about her divorce, she said that she is going through this for the second time and it is terrifying. She revealed that she has more at stake this time. With time, she realized that the meaning she gave to the term divorce is of her own.  She is now more accepting and feels more empowered. Her Instagram post is an inspiration to many women. She said that for her, divorce meant choosing herself and not settling and sacrificing the sake of marriage. A lot of people weren’t able to believe it but as they say – “Good things too end”.  In fact, her bio reads that she helps women who have lost their identity and independence.

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Why does Divorce scare India? 

In India, society has a lot of expectations from women when it comes to marriage. In the process to manage personal and professional life, a lot of times, women lose their identity. But over the years, they have become vocal. Women are now making unconventional choices. Slowly, they are prioritizing their happiness. Indeed Aesha’s post will give courage to many women who are struggling to move out.  Divorce comes with a lot of stigmas, especially when you opt for it for the second time. Before Aesha, Shweta Tiwari had also spoken about her second divorce. She said, “Sabko Lagta hai Ki Aurat Galat hai par agar kuch galat ho raha hai toh hume bolna chahiye, phir chahe dusri baar ho ya teesri baar.” Society explains to the women that you need to adjust to make a marriage work, no matter how unhappy or mentally drained they are. In that case, women like Aesha Mukerji and Shweta Tiwari are an inspiration. Their courageous decision is a gentle reminder that Log Kya Sochenge Doesn’t Matter!  You and your happiness matters. 

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