Advantages of Integrating Instagram & Email to Build a Successful Brand in 2019

Boost your marketing game by integrating Instagram & Email 

Businesses today are implementing an innovative marketing strategy to boost their overall online presence by incorporating their posts on their Instagram account and finally, onto their business emails. Email marketing is an effective form of marketing but it is predominantly text-oriented. It is textual content based while Instagram marketing is all about stunning visual content. Previously emails contained detailed product description and reasons why the recipients must but those products from a specific company.

Originally when emails were used for promoting your products, you were required to write a few lines about the product and why people must consider buying them from you. You had to basically convince your target audience to choose your products or services. Emails were generally packed with unattractive boring textual content and often your recipients did not have the time to browse through so much text.

More often than not, the recipients of your email would delete the emails even before reading them. The fascinating visual content on Instagram could be incorporated in your emails today, for successful marketing endeavors. Instagram and emails are two marketing platforms that have individual importance and value but integrating them could spell wonder. You may seek the professional assistance of a reputed digital marketing company for getting real Instagram likes.

Let us explore some amazing advantages of integrating these two brilliant marketing platforms for boosting your brand and business.

Optimization of Your Instagram Profile Made Possible for Obtaining Email Sign-Ups

Integration of the two robust marketing platforms like Instagram and email marketing has opened up fresh new opportunities for you to drive more and more sales for your brand and business today. You could optimize Instagram and email integration by incorporating an effective bullet-proof sign-up form into your Instagram bio where there is some space for the URL. Remember these forms could assist you in obtaining quality leads and boost conversions for your brand.

Your forms must be formatted in such a manner that there are slots for capturing effectively important information that could assist you in knowing more about your precise Instagram leads.  Moreover, you could get adequate information about their purchasing patterns and overall behavior.

It is a good idea to provide enticing incentives to customers for filling in your form. Your incentives must be something that you are comfortable in giving away and that is also, something that your potential customers really want. For instance, free downloads, discounts, promo codes, product samples, and contests, all these really work well.

You Are Able to Provide Relevant Content to Your Leads

Once you are able to grab the attention of leads, it is mandatory to understand their preferences. You must find out precisely what pages are followed by them or what are their hobbies and interests? You need to know about their online buying behavior and habits most importantly. You must analyze their expectations from your brand for successful marketing.

Even though your primary objective as a business is to make a sale, it is your responsibility to give all your leads, a wonderful experience. Your vibrant Instagram platform draws more and more traffic with mind-blowing relevant videos and stunning images.

When Instagram posts are integrated into emails there would be repeated impact and impression on the minds of your target audience. This should be keeping your existing customers engaged and happy and at the same time, attract more useful leads.


Due to the integration of these two wonderful marketing platforms, you could see a leap in the number of sign-ups. Start sending attractive deals and offers directly to the customers’ inboxes. Remember as these customers have used the Instagram platform for subscribing to your emails, it is but natural for them to look forward to interesting, relevant, and interactive content for keeping them engaged and for effectively driving more traffic.  Continue to combine your Instagram and email endeavors for attaining new goals and achieving incredible heights.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is an SEM and SMM expert attached to a renowned digital marketing company based in Los Angeles. She comes up with effective digital marketing strategies including ways to boost real Instagram likes.                       

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