Adopt Happiness to keep stress at bay!

Keep Stress at bay by doing these 7 adorable things

Happiness is a choice. If you want to stay happy, then if you have to choose happiness. However, we human beings only run behind materalistic things, and we forget to find happiness in small things around us. The never -ending wish list, the hectic schedule, and the pressure of meeting deadlines working has made robots. It’s high time we should admit that we all are a part of rat race.

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If you want to genuinely stay happy, then here is a list of 7 things that should do on a regular basis. They will not only make you feel happy, but will also keep stress at bay.

1. Write Diary : Every day at the end of the day just pen down your thoughts. It will help you to analysis things better.

2. Give genuine compliment : You can appreciate anyone around you for their work, appearence, or even for their dedication. This will make them smile, and will make you happy.

3. Develop the habit of reading: Read books because they can tell you a lot of things. They can help you to become a better person.

4. Collect change and put them in a jar : You can collect all the change and keep them in a jar. They can help you when you are in need and can also contribute in your home decor.

5. Walking is important : If you will walk on a regular basis, then you would never require kind of dieting. It will keep you healthy.

6. Catch up with your true friends : We meet a lot of people in our life, but we make few real friends. Because real is rare. So even if you are really busy, take out some time to meet your true friends .

7. Spend some time with your parents: Talking to your parents can solve your many problems. So take out time from your schedule and do talk to them.

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