Adjustment VS Compromise: Why do millennials get confused between the two?

What does “Compromise” really mean? 

Modern era relationships have completely changed. Today, things have become materialistic and a lot of people just look for instant gratification.  Basically, millennials get confused between Adjustments and Compromise.  So, what does compromise really mean?

Today, we all want perfect relationships and we don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. But every relationship comes with some adjustments.  The younger generation doesn’t actually know the difference between compromise and adjustment. Don’t you adjust with your mom when you watch TV together? Don’t you adjust with your brother, sister, father and even with your colleagues.  For fruitful experiences, you need to make some adjustments.

(Adjustments Versus Compromises)

Compromise and Adjustment are two different things.  We do adjustments voluntarily but compromises are accepting only, without fully understanding the depth of it.

Is it okay to make compromises in a relationship?

Well, it is hard to say because it depends from person to person. It is completely fine if you don’t want to compromise because it may help you to stay happy for a while but to stay happy in a long run would become really difficult.

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Adjustments are a part of a relationship. You cannot expect a person to always act according to your wish.  That’s why adjustments are important. One has to understand that his or her partner has been brought up in a completely different environment.  We all make adjustments in every relationship, but when it comes to a romantic relationship we make it a huge –ass deal. If you both are making adjustments to make your relationship work, then it’s completely fine. If you are forced to make compromises, then you can think twice about your relationship.  If you are going to act like a prince or princess and expect people to work according to you, then things will never work.

The crux is that love and friendship are two –Ways Street and we all need to make some adjustments for healthy relationships.

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