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Actress Sonali Kulkarni: ‘Women are Lazy, They Need Rich Men’

Actress Sonali Kulkarni’s Comment Divides Netizens, what do you think?

In a recent event, actress Sonali Kulkarni made a comment on women being ‘lazy’ and ‘demanding.’ This has enraged a section of netizens who disagree with this, while a huge chunk appreciates her for this comment. 

So, what has Sonali Kulkarni said?

Sonali Kulkarni is a National-award winning actress who has primarily worked in Marathi and Hindi cinema. In an interview with YouTuber Bhupenddra Singh Rathore, who runs the channel CoachBSR, she said that many girls in India are lazy. They want a boyfriend or husband with a good job, a house, and an assurance that he will get increments. But that girl does not have the guts to say what she will do once they get married. 

She also talked about how men have pressure to earn from the age of 18 and to take care of the family once their studies are over. Whereas women, even at age 25, 27 are thinking and pressuring their boyfriends for “international honeymoons.” 

She said that women should also work hard and earn money. She pointed out how women “are on edge” and would also complain to HR for small things. 

Women should look at things with equality, contribute to household expenses and give a break to the man.  

Negative Reactions to the Comment

While many people on the internet have praised Sonali for highlighting this critical issue and appreciated her for speaking “the bitter truth”, many are unhappy with the comment. 

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