Actor Viju Khote Passes away at 77: How he bagged the role of ‘Kaliya’ in Sholay?

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viju khote
Still from movie Sholey

Actor Viju Khote Passes away at 77: Did you know he got  Rs. 2500 to play Kaliya in Sholay

Veteran actor Viju Khote passes away at 77, the man who played the iconic character of Kaliya in Sholay. He died due to multiple organ failure in Mumbai. According to reports, he wasn’t keeping well for a long time.  As soon as the news broke, the condolences started pouring in for the veteran actor from all across the nation.  Apart from doing Hindi films, he was a part of many Marathi films and plays.

The last rites of the actor will be done at Chandan Wali around 11 am. The actor is related to iconic actors Shubha Khote and Durga Khote.  He was a part of many Hindi blockbuster films such as Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak,  Andaz Apna Apna, and many more. But there is one iconic character which is still fresh in the hearts of people who love Hindi Cinema. It was the evergreen character of ‘Kaliya’, a character which made him a star.  Just one dialogue and he went on to become an overnight Star.

“Sardar maine aapka namak Khaya hai”the magic of this dialogue is unmatchable.

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Here are a few interesting facts about him:

1. Before making his career into acting he used to run his own printing press. After then, he went on to make his career into acting

2. He was a king of comedy and he loved this genre. He was a part of a show called Zubaan Sambhal ke, and he got a lot of praise for his comedy timings.

3. For the famous role of Kaliya, Viju Khote was paid Rs.2500

4. Viju Khote worked in more than 300 films including Hindi, Marathi and stage shows. He also appeared in 30 daily soaps.

May his soul rest in peace! He will be remembered for his fine performances.

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