‘Act of Humanity’ during COVID crisis is Making History in India

Humanity is spreading faster than COVID-19:  It is giving us strength & hope

No one will ever forget the COVID Crisis in India. At a time when crematoriums are full, hospitals are running out of beds, people are losing their loved ones, there is one thing which is keeping our faith alive that is – “Humanity”.  The second wave of Corona has left many Indians in shock. Many are struggling to get basic medical help during this crisis. On the other hand, it has pushed many into poverty. According to a report, 32 million Indians were pushed out middle class during the pandemic.  But as they say – “This too shall pass”. In fact, things become easier for everyone when we all pledge to help each other.  Every day we come across horror stories of people taking advantage of this terrible situation. From manufacturing duplicate remedevisir injection to asking for a lot of money to donate plasma, there are stories that are heartbreaking. But wait! There are people who are restoring our faith in Humanity.

The Nation will remember how we helped each other when everything else failed

The way people have come forward to help each other at the time of distress is commendable. These humans are giving us hope and strength. From celebrities to a common man, people are making all possible efforts to save more and more lives.  The act of humanity during the COVID crisis in making History. The nation will remember how we came to each other’s rescue when everything else failed. This takes us back to the basic that Unity is Strength. Everyone who is reading this just remember ‘You are Not Alone

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Stories of Hope & Strength

Gujarat Couple donated their Rs. 15 Lakh after they lost their only son to COVID 19

Not everyone has a big heart. A Gujarati couple decided to donate the fixed deposit to help COVID patients.  Rasik Mehta and his wife Kalpana Mehta, who lost their only son to COVID-19 decided to donate their Fixed Deposit. The great act of humanity will be remembered forever.

United Sikh is helping Families to perform the last rites of their loved ones

Amid a catastrophic corona wave, a lot of people are not able to perform the last rites of their loved ones. They are either sick or too weak to take the body to the cremation ground.  To help affected families, Sikh body, United Sikh has come forward. They are helping families to perform the last rites of their loved ones. Everyone deserves respect during their final journey. The Sikh body is helping people of all religion and trying their best to help families in need. 

A Farmer donated Rs. 2 Lakh to help COVID patients ( Money he saved for his daughter’s marriage)

It is always the heart that matters.  Moved by the plight of COVID-19 patients and the growing scramble for an oxygen cylinder, a farmer in Madhya Pradesh decided to donate 2 Lakh rupees that he had apparently saved for his daughter’s marriage. Isn’t that inspiring as well as hopeful? People like Champalal Gurjar are restoring our faith in humanity.


Image Source- Pixabay

Humans are not forgetting their furry friends

Coronavirus has affected animals too, especially stray animals. People all across the nation are helping furry friends. Last year, a lot of pets were abandoned as people feared they can spread corona. Many volunteers in Delhi and other parts of the country are doing their bit by spreading awareness and feeding stray animals on a regular basis.

Talking about the COVID-19 cases in India, 4.12 Lakh new cases were registered and 3, 980 deaths were recorded yesterday. The numbers are definitely scary and experts have warned that India must prepare for a third wave. According to reports, it is still not clear when will the third wave occur. There is no estimated time for the same.  Let us keep the faith and stand together. Get your vaccine jab & do not forget to take all necessary precautions.

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