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Absolute Success Meaning : Hard Work or Luck

Absolute Sucess Meaning

Understanding Absolute Success Meaning: Do you believe in Absolute Success or Relative Success? 


Warren Buffett, who is a renowned investor and a multi-billionaire, came up with a unique thought process. He made his observations and experiences clear with a simple idea-oriented point of view. He asked people to imagine the 24 hours before they are going to be born. Now, suppose during this time, you are visited by a genie. The genie says that you can determine the rules of the society that you’ll be entering after birth. In fact, you may even design anything you want ahead in life. The social rules, economic rules, or even government rules. You may even plan a world for your children or grandchildren.



However, the catch is that you don’t know if you’re going to be a male or female, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, in India or the United States. All you know is that you’re getting to take out one of 5.8 billion balls from a barrel.


Success and Luck

No matter what are the circumstances that you are in, how you use the situation to get the best results matters. It depends on the person how they take advantage of opportunities. The law of success is how you use the opportunities you get will take you a long way.

Success is never about luck. However, we cannot even remove the luck-factor from it. Sometimes success might be a game of luck, but you will still have to use your capabilities and hard work to create your destiny by using the success granted by luck.

As human beings, we want to succeed without working hard. No one would mind success served on a platter. However, it hardly happens to someone. Most people that we see doing wonders around us are only enjoying the fruits of their dedication.


Absolute Success Meaning  

Luck has a strong connection with absolute success. While one person may spend his life to earn one crore, another person might win a lottery worth ten crores overnight. These are situations of instant success or luck.


Hard work matters more but in a relative form. Let us first understand the difference between relative success and absolute success.


Absolute Success: When we view success in an absolute form, we are basically considering our level of success compared to someone else. For example, it depends on someone who’s doing best in a particular domain. Success is always because of luck. There can be many companies’ various social media platforms, but attaining the level of success of Facebook is where luck plays a role too.


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However, we cannot categorize someone’s success as luck. The bigger the success is, the more arduous circumstances that have caused it. The success of any venture or person depends on many factors like timing, connections, influences, and ideas.


Relative Success: When we analyze success from a relative view, then you are comparing your success to the people who are like you. For instance, you don’t have to compare your success to Elon Musk or Bill Gates. As we start our education, we sit among hundreds of students; we live in the same city and with similar bodies. However, as you finish your education and start working, do each one of you succeed equally?


No! Even after being grown-up in similar conditions, not all of you achieve the same results. It is because not each of you worked hard equally. When we compare our success to people with similarities, it is then determined by the hard work that anyone has put.


What is important for success, luck or hard work? 


Success is a roller-coaster ride. If it could come easy, no one would spend sleepless nights working for it. When it comes to success, everyone has his or her own share of setbacks. Everything that you decide or wish for might not go in your favour even after tonnes of hard work.


However, you never give up. You learn to try again, hold the rope, and after constant efforts luck will be on your side one day. If you work hard, it may take a long time, but you’ll succeed. But, if you sit at your home waiting for your luck to shine, then you’re not getting anything.


Hard work determines your luck. The people that you call lucky today have failed a thousand times. They have worked hard to be where they are today. They too started from nothing and now have everything. Is it only luck that worked for them? No, it was a blend of luck and hard work.


What is the key to success?


Even though there is no special trick or formula that leads a person to success, there are certain factors that definitely help. The best thing that you can do to ensure success is to grasp every opportunity that comes your way.



You must step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to fulfil your aspirations. If you’ll work towards your dreams, you’ll get the occasional touch of luck that will lift you up to do more. All it takes is a beginning point. Once you work, you’ll see that success will come to you because of your efforts.


Final Takeaway


For achieving something or succeeding in life, both luck and hard work have an equal share. While luck might work for one-person, hard work might work for the other person, or luck can even come because of effort.


However, your luck is not in your hands, but your efforts are. You cannot control your luck, whether it’s good or bad. What you can control are your efforts. Luck always favours the people who have a genuine passion to win.

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