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Know about Abdul’s Uber: A cab with Snacks, Sanitizer and message of religious Harmony

“We respect people of every religion” this is what you will find written on Abdul’s Cab

From outside, one may find this cab to be like any other cab, but from inside, Abdul’s cab is a bit different, and so must be Abdul. Travelling in cabs has now become a daily requirement. Where we all wish to travel in a cab, which is neat and clean, we are sure not all cabs ride experiences must have been so. But as mentioned, Abdul’s cab is a bit different, and definitely, the one which will give you a heartwarming ride. In his cab, he has arranged for refreshing snacks, sanitation and quotes on humanity and religious harmony. And guess what, it is all for free.

Priyanka Samy, an activist on Twitter, on 28th October posted about her ride experience on Twitter writing, “Abdul Qadeer
@Uber_India made my day! Impressed by his innovative and winning ways! There are so many things to learn and look out for in his cab, including snippets on ‘Humanity’ and ‘Religious Harmony’.”

As we can see in the pictures, Abdul’s cab is stuffed with snacks and positive quotes, and on one small board, it is written that they are free. While this is the one thing that is delightful, there is the placard where it is written, “We respect people of every religion, we can’t identify any religion on the basis of clothes.” The final is most praise deserving, “Humble Request – We should be polite to each other”.

Soon after Priyanka posted this, Uber India replied to Priyanka’s tweet, “Thank you for sharing this with us. #UberStar partners like Abdul help us deliver a 5-star experience on a trip every day. Kindly share your registered number via Direct Message, so that we can let Abdul know about your story.” and many others on Twitter are showing love for Abdul.

Well, Abdul cab is definitely the one we would also want to ride someday soon and we hope that you also get the opportunity to get a ride on Abdul’s Car. We wish that we find more such kind hearts like Abdul who not just care for spreading positivity but is also someone who spreading communal hate and discrimination. One World News feels elated to feature this hero and wish for his happiness and health.

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