Aakash Gupta, the King of ‘Refreshing & Relatable’ content

‘Delhi ka Munda’ Aakash Gupta‘s relatable content deserves a whistle! Here is why we just can’t get over his videos

Making someone laugh is hard, it is really hard. Comedy is an art, some are born with it, and some learn it over a period of time. In the digital era, only your content can make you a star. The two main ingredients that can make you stand out are – How relatable you are and how fresh your idea is. The taste and preferences of the Indian audience has evolved in the last two decades and to meet their expectations is not a child’s play. Still, there are some people who are Relatable AF every time they come up with something new. They leave us wondering Itna kaise observe  kar lete ho yaar? One of them is Aakash Gupta, the King of refreshing and relatable content. Just in case, if you don’t know him, here is a brief about him.

Delhi Ka Munda rocks whenever he comes on stage

He is the winner of the second season of comicstaan! Aakash is known for his organic & natural comedy. He ruled the second season of comicstaan like a boss, and his recent stand-up comedy on Dogs has proved that he is the ‘Entertainer of the Year’. Aakash is a proper Delhi Munda. He has done Bachelors in Commerce. The 26- year-old bases his comedy on his observations, experiences, Metro Travels & he is a boss in creating fresh content. He is into stand up comedy for more than 3 years and is a known face in Delhi/Gurugram. Aakash is very spontaneous & randomly insane. His jokes will hit the right chord and will make you laugh your heart out.

Here are 5 reasons why we love his content?

1. Humour naturally comes to him

He can make you laugh effortlessly. Aakash can put humor tadka to any situation. Don’t believe us? Watch his video on Delhi Metro. You will be like we can laugh on any random thing and it’s actually worth it.

Here is the link:


2. His Equation with Dogs (The latest Video) can lit up you on a very long day too

Just in case, if you haven’t watched it. Watch it right away. It is relatable AF! How dog lovers can’t hear anything about their dogs & call you insensitive if you don’t like dogs.


3. Aakash comes up with fresh ideas

There is no repetition of the content. Whenever he comes up with a video it is freshly brewed and laughter ride is guaranteed.

4. His take on Indian parents & grandparents is so finely defined

The way they behave in different situations of life is hilarious. The way he says, “Inhe lagta Duniya ki galat cheeze inke bacho ke saath hogi.” We all go through this and completely relate to him.

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 5. Crisp writing & perfect expressions make Aakash Gupta entertainer of the year

Not only with humor, but he also kills it with his expressions too. His bio on social media reads Comedian| Writer IActor, and he acts nonchalantly leaving you with only one option –Whistle & Clap!!!!!!!!!

 He will be traveling all across the nation for the next few days. Here is the schedule :

Do book your tickets! You can thank us later. Believe us it will help you to beat endless Monday Blues.


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