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A World Full of Babies, Reviving the Indian Classical Music

Runki Goswami, renowned Indian classical singer, launches her book A World Full of Babies For music lovers & connoisseurs of Indian Classical music…

Why A World Full of Babies?


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Runki Goswami, renowned Indian singer, and composer, released her first book on music, called A World Full of Babies. The book-release event was held at Crossword Bookstore, Worldmark, Gurgaon. The book talks about her passion for music and its intensity in her life. According to her book, Indian music teaches about togetherness and possesses the power to heal.

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Frequencies and wavelengths of sounds extract feelings and emotional responses from the conscious and subconscious minds. This book accomplishes something long overdue—a deep dive into the history of Indian classical music, the elements that make all lore folksy, and its connection with the occult.


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Runki talks about her growing interest in music, and she gives the entire credit to her grandmother and Guruji passionately candidly, which brings out her burning zest for life. She further talks about her learning experiences in music and about her events. The book is not just about Indian classical music but also about other Regional, Pop/Rock, and Contemporary music. According to Runki, the title of the book draws from a famous quote by Rock legend Richie Havens.

Once asked what the future of Rock music was, Richie, Havens famously replied, “The future of Rock belongs to 12-year-olds; and, in the future, it’ll belong to 8-year-olds and then to 4-year-old, and then we’ll have a world full of babies; because babies are pure, you know, just arrived, so to say. They have all the purity in them, and Rock music helps them stay that way as more and more young generations take to this music form.”

Who is Runki Goswami?


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Runki, born in Asansol, West Bengal, began her formal training in music at the age of 3 years. She is trained in the Delhi and Chandigarh Gharanas. Runki started her professional music career with a Bengali devotional album, Debobeena. Her father, Dr. Malay Kumar Laik, wrote the album’s songs, while Runki composed and directed the music. Runki is also a pioneer in supporting the revival of Indian Ragas as an alternative therapy. She is working with medical practitioners to create an awareness of Indian Raga therapy to heal faster people suffering from such chronic diseases as asthma, spine issues, stomach problems, and so on.

A World Full of Babies is available on Amazon. Order now and get in touch with Indian classical music.

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