A Watchlist for Entrepreneurs; TVF Pitchers, and Scam 1992 included

Are you looking for the right motivation for your startup? Here is a watchlist for Entrepreneurs out there

Startup culture is an in trend, and it is beautiful to find people dreaming about their own organizations and empires. The startup culture is something that is giving an opportunity to people to live out their dreams. And to make that dream come true, they need to couple up all their desire and find the right motivation to dream about their startup. And if you are also thinking of starting your own startup and need the motivation for it, here is a watchlist for you.

A Watchlist for Entrepreneurs

1. TVF Pitchers – Series

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
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Well, if there is any show that can give you the right kind of motivation for your start-up, then that has to be Pitchers. Created by TVF, a comedy-drama series about four young friends working in corporate jobs – quitting it to start their tech start-up. This series can be as real as any other start-up experience. There is drama, there are fights between friends, there is a comedy, and there is a factor of relatability, so strong that you are absolutely going to love the idea of the show.

2. The Social Network – Film

 Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
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This film traces the journey of Mark Zuckerberg’s making of Facebook. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that this film will teach you, beg, borrow and steal for your start-up plan. But yes, don’t fall for what Zuckerberg did, but if you are searching for the passion and zeal for your startup, The Social Network is the film for you.

3. How I Made My Millions – Series

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
Image Source- CNBC

How I Made My Millions is a CNBC original that premiered in 2011 and takes you into the business world’s greenroom. The display demonstrates how average people have converted ordinary innovations into extraordinarily profitable enterprises. The emphasis of the show is on companies that have made over a million dollars. How I Made My Millions depicts the traditional ‘American Dream,’ demonstrating that if you have the vision, the means, and the determination, you will achieve your goals.

4. Silicon Valley – Series

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
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This show is the one most hyped for entrepreneurs and it won’t be wrong to say that it’s not worth the hype. It is about individuals who are normally qualified to excel are the most unprepared for coping with change in today’s Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge race for unheard-of resources.

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5. Scam 1992 – Series

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
Image Source- Indian Express

Well, you should be very selective of what are you taking away from this show. If you are seeking motivation, learn from Harshad Mehta, how to dream big and think to achieve it. But don’t fall for how Harshad made his dream come true. This series is based on the real-life story of Harshad Mehta, the person behind the Money Laundering scam of 1992. Click Here to watch

6. Badmash Company – Film

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
Image Source- Yash raj Films

If you are a fan of Bollywood cinema, then all you need is this film to motivate yourself for your startup.”Koi bhi business bada paise se nhi dimag se banta hai” is the principle of this film. The film is directed by Shahid Kapoor and stars Shahid Kapoor with some stuff which is a bit illogical but otherwise, the film is a worthy watch.

7. The Office – Series

 Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
Image Source- Screecraft

A classic sitcom, perfectly made for your dose of entertainment and motivation. It is a mockumentary about a group of ordinary office workers whose workday is filled with self-image issues, inappropriate behaviour, and drudgery. Scranton is home to a decent paper organization, according to Michael Scott, division director of the Dad division. Michael Scott, the chief, is one of these experts, but he isn’t particularly brilliant or amusing.

8. The Wolf of the Wallstreet – Movie

Watchlist for Entrepreneurs
Image Source-The New Yorker

A brilliantly directed film by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of the Wallstreet is a movie that is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. The film traces the rise and fall of his firm Stratton Oakmont engaged in penny stock trading and securities scam, drawing the attention of the FBI.

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