A visit to Mawlynnong- Asia’s Cleanest Village


Mawlynnong, a place that is just 100kms from Shillong is the cleanest village in Asia. The small place in Meghalaya is popular not only for its cleanliness, but also because of the matrilineal society it has. A Matrilineal society is not present anywhere else in India. In this, the descendance is traced from the female side and not the male side

clean village

Cleanest Village

On your way to the village, some 2kms ahead of it, there is a spot you can stop at and have pineapples (when in season), cucumber and snacks. At this place you can also see the Living Root Bridges. For that we have to walk down a little slope for about 15 minutes before we can see the magnificent bridge.

The bridge is atop a clear stream and is often flooded with families. After spending some time here, one can head for the cleanest village. On entering the village they take a small amount from you (Rs.50).

The place is not like anything you have seen before. It is spotless and beautiful with tress and shrubs all along and small Khasi houses. You can also spot a dustbin (bamboo baskets) at every 50 metres. You can easily enjoy a good meal there at any one of the small restaurants (if you could call it that).

Guest houses are also available if one chooses to stay.
This small village tucked away somewhere in the northeast is a must visit for anyone who needs a break and some serenity in life.

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