A Food Walk Through the Streets of Varanasi

If Desi – Indian Food please you, a food walk through the streets of Varanasi will be healer for your foodie heart

Varanasi, the heartland of Shiva, the land known for the beautiful ghats and the place that serves all the most scrumptious food. Walking through the dingy streets, the one thing that will keep attracting you through your walk is Food. We recently went on a food walk through the streets of Varanasi and with every passing stall, we went overwhelmed with the food and the fragrance of food ingrained in the streets of the city.

Well, through this food walk, we wanted to explore more of varanasi, so, for us, that meant going beyond the authentic Kachori Sabji and Banarasi Paan. Hence, through this food walk too, we have explored beyond that. Here’s a glimpse of this food walk for you.

A Food Walk Through the Streets of Varanasi

Laxmi Chai Wala

Laxmi Chai Wala

Start your day with a simmering cup of Tea and Butter toast by Laxmi Tea. The Laxmi Chai wala is famous for the so called ‘sizzler’ bread toast that is a thick slice of bread stuffed with the fresh butter and sizzled on the coal sigadi. The bread toast is served with a kullad chai. 




Meethi Lassi from the Blue Lassi

Meethi Lassi from the Blue Lassi

Well, if you are not a chai lover, a meethi lassi should be your go too. And if you are like us, who love both, don’t miss out on any of the two. Couple the lassi with a plate of khchori sabji and thank us later.



Well, if you want to know Varanasi, and it’s food, you need to dig deep. Walk through the narrowest street, talk to every foodie’s eye and trust your nose because the fragrance of good food will attract you. And ofcourse your eyes and tongue to see and have the fulfillment of having good food. 

Well, at least we did this. This dingy lane alongside took us to one of the most authentic street food shops in the city – Vishwanath Chaat Bhandar located in the Bansphatak, Varanasi.



Vishwanath Chaat Bhandar

The Vishwanath Chaat Bhandar is known to be one of the oldest chaat bhandar in Varanasi. It is known that the shop started with a very tiny space on the street corner and over the years, the bhandar expanded itself to the much bigger area in the same corner. Besides, they have also started catering services and expanding with multiple outlets. Some of the best dishes that they serve include tamatar chaat, puchka, samosa, papdi chaat and definitely, gulab jamun.

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 Most famous Tamatar Chaat


The Most famous Tamatar Chaat

Well, it was beyond our imagination that mashed tomatoes would taste this good. This chaat is basically a mix of tomatoes mashed, mixed and shallow fried over a large tawa with a lot of spices. The chaat is served hot in a kulhad, and topped with crisps and coriander. 



The Papdi Chaat


The Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat is certainly a light and tasty chaat. And while it’s not something new, it’s simply fulfilling and simple and good. And unlike the other chaat bhandars, the Vishvanath chaat Bhandar adds a lot of matra in the papdi making it tangy, tasty and the best.

And while we were very full after having all this, we were in no mood to miss the puchka of Varanasi and so we ate the puchkas and of course, the gulab jamun as well.


The faluda kulfi of Deena Chaat



The faluda kulfi of Deena Chaat

Well, a good dessert is always needed and hence, missing The very famous Deena Chaat’s faluda kulfi was not an option at all. This kesri faluda kulfi was absolutely the best end for the food walk. 


Well, this was our experience of food walk through the streets of Varanasi. Let us know which city you want us to travel to in the comments.

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