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Shocking! A daughter chopped her mother’s body in parts in Mumbai

The stench was emanating, maggots were crawling, and her head was kept in the cupboard: A daughter chopped her mother’s body and lived in the same house for over 2 months

A daughter chopped her mother’s body parts: After Shraddha Walker, Nikki Yadav another woman was allegedly chopped to death in Mumbai. This time a mother is a victim and a daughter was holding the sickle. 

A 24-year-old girl from Mumbai confessed that she chopped her mother in parts and kept the remains in the cupboard and water tank. The Mumbai police arrested Rimple Jain who stayed with her mother’s remains for more than two months till she got exposed. 

How did Rimple come into suspicion? 

The victim identified as Veena Prakash Jain (55) was suffering from a terminal illness. She was a widow and her husband died 16 years ago. In the investigation, police said that the motive for such brutal action is not clear but neighbours claim frequent quarrels between mother and daughter used to take place often

Rimple was arrested after her relatives filed a missing complaint against Veena Jain. As per the police officers, “On 14 March, Rimple’s cousin came to the house and knocked on the door for a long time. After getting no response from either side the cousin inquired from neighbours about Veena’s whereabouts. Neighbours told her that they have not seen Veena for over two months.”

“This raised Veena’s niece’s suspicion and she immediately informed her mother and aunt who rushed to Ibrahim Kasar Chawl in Lalbaug, Mumbai where Veena was staying with her daughter Rimple”, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) Pravin Munde.

DCP further added that Rimple had told everyone that Veena was in Kanpur. Hearing this relative took Rimple to Kalachowkie police station.

The stench was emanating, maggots were crawling, and her head was kept in the cupboard: What police saw at the spot? 

Within an hour of complaint registration, the police came into action and rushed to Jain’s house. The accused woman defended her best to block police from entering the house but she finally let the police in and a reek emanated from all over the house. 

As the police raided the residence, they found human body parts wrapped in plastic bags. ACP Pravin Munde said that the body parts were in an advanced state of decomposition and stuffed in plastic bags. “Insects and maggots were crawling all over the place. Her torso and head were kept in the cupboard while the limbs were stored in the water tank”, said police while defining the scenario of the situation. 

They immediately called the forensic team and sent the remains of the victims for post-mortem at KEM hospital. As per police, the heinous crime is believed to be committed on 27 December 2022. 

Did Rimple kill her mother? 

In the police interrogation, Rimple revealed that her mother had fallen from the first floor and two people from a Chinese eatery helped Veena to get back to the house. In her fall, she sustained some injuries and untimely might have succumbed to those serious injuries as she was not taken to the hospital. 

The officer added that Rimple got scared to be blamed for her mother’s demise. Therefore, she came up with a plan and cut Veena’s body into several pieces using a knife, sickle, and electric marble cutter. But she could not get rid of the body and decided to store the remains in the water tank and cupboard. 

Rimple managed to hide and live with the dismembered body of her mother for over two months. There were several statements given by Rimple which indicate her mental instability too.

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