A Cup of Coffee Reveals a Lot About Your Traits!

The choice of a particular coffee type can express the innate trait of the drinker. Latte drinkers are quite easy to pleas while cappuccino lovers are obsessive in nature.

Every single morning a huge amount of 70 million cups of coffee is consumed in UK alone.

Besides providing that much needed punch to kick start your day with vitality and vigor, coffee also tells you about the drinker’s personality trait.

Dr. Raman Durvasula, a clinical psychologist analyzed 1,000 coffee drinkers and assessed common personality traits and styles. They particularly assessed the introversion, extroversion perfections, patience, warmth, sensitivity, social boldness and vigilance.

A Cup of Coffee Reveals a Lot About Your Traits!

Dr. Durvasula observed that people who liked black coffee are purist no-nonsense subjects and have a tendency to choose simple life. They are abrupt, despise change and are impatient.

Latte drinkers are intent and pleasing types and may have some neurotic attributes.

Dr. Durvasula said that cappuccino drinkers are high-demand personality, obsessive, over-sensitive and quite conscious about their health.

Speaking about instant coffee drinkers, Dr. Durvasula said that they are laid-back individuals and harbor a predisposition to postpone or delay things.

Dr. Durvasula finally said that people preferring their coffee sweet and cold are more social trend setters and who can be callous and reckless on certain occasions.

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