A complete Guide to Prepare for Pre- Boards: What should be your priority?

Handy tips for Pre- Board Preparations

Even though students spend more than a year preparing for the board exams, but there are times when candidates ignore the basics due to which they find themselves struggling with time during the actual examination. Many students often ignore the significance of pre-board exams and tend to forget that it serves as a precursor for them to experience the intricacies of the board-level exam setup. It also helps students to review their weak areas, analyze their study methods and work on strategies. Such shortcomings may cover various aspects including individual preparation, writing speed and basic approach strategy.

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Here are some tips and tricks for board exams:

1. Plan your timetable smartly
Once you are ensure that you have to give the required amount of time to all subjects based on your proficiency and the vastness of the syllabus. Then plan your time for each chapter and each topic in that chapter.

2. Try to use easy and simple language: Now-a- days the common language in every school is English, so students must know how to write in a simple and clear language. It is indeed the root cause why a number of students flunk in complicated subjects carrying advanced vocabulary such as history, science, geography.

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3. Read textbooks thoroughly: Do not ignore diagrams, tables or graphs in your textbooks as questions can be asked on any chapter from the textbook. Make your self-ensure that you are well versed with each concept and topic in your textbook.

4. Solve past years question papers: To get an idea of the exam pattern and popular questions try to solve at least 10 last year’s question papers. You will find a majority of questions being repeated over the years. Solving past year’s papers will help you to get the exam- ready.

5. Try to study in a group, once in a while
Once a week it is good to study in a group. This can help you get your doubts cleared by your friends may be your friends know how to solve a particular question

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