A comfy chat with Sangram Singh

A comfy chat with Sangram Singh

A comfy chat with Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh, the World’s Best Professional Wrestler (2011), who started his career as a sportsperson is all set to prove his talent in Bollywood, with his latest movie, Uvaa

A comfy chat with Sangram Singh - oneworldews

The life of the world class wrestler was never been a bed of roses. Whatever he has attained in terms of name, fame and money is all because of his hard work, dedication and strong will power. Surprisingly, today, a Fitness freak, Sangram Singh, was once confined to a wheelchair for eight years yet he was able to make his identity in the wrestling world only because of his iron will.

Here we bring to you, his inspiring story, straight from his heart.

1. How do you feel about being a part of Bollywood?

It was initially difficult for me, as here everyone is a professional actor but I love to try new things in life and nothing is impossible. So, I decided to go ahead in the field of acting.

A comfy chat with Sangram Singh - oneworldews

2. Tell us something about your character in the movie?

I am playing the character of a tough coach, who scolds his students for doing wrong things but at the same time he stands by them as a friend with all his support.

3. What is your fitness mantra?

I don’t have any secret for my fitness; the only thing I do regularly is exercise and not only me but every ‘fit’ person in this world will tell you the same thing.

4. You were on wheelchair for eight years. How did you manage to bounce back?

I never gave up. My will power to be healthy and fit against Paralysis and the unending support of my family helped me to recover early.

A comfy chat with Sangram Singh - oneworldews

5. When did you decide to take wrestling as your career?

It was my dream since childhood but my Paralysis made me even more determined to get my dream fulfilled.

6. Is Sangram Singh also aggressive just like his character in the movie?

No not at all, am I looking like an aggressive person? (Laughs) I like to maintain decorum in life but that doesn’t mean that I am aggressive.

7. The plot of movie revolves around a rape victim. In our country they are treated as ‘Radioactive Isotopes’. So, according to you what measures should the government take to improve their conditions?

I think this is more to be done by citizens of country not by the government. There are laws to safeguard their rights then also they are not treated well. So, according to me, it is important for people to open up their minds.

8.When you are getting married to Payal?

We will get married soon, probably, in November.

9. What are you expecting from Uvaa?

It is a movie completely for young generation and I have complete faith in the youngsters our country, who are sensible enough to appreciate our efforts.

10. What more do you have in your store?

I have few more projects but I won’t reveal until they are finalized.

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