A Backpacker’s guide to the Cultural City – Gwalior

City of Scindias should be at the top of your travel list!

Goa, Rishikesh, Dalhousie, Kasol etc are the places we often love to visit with our buddies, right? But guys, don’t you think you should visit some places which can give you ultimate solace and peace? If you are someone who likes peace, then Gwalior is the place for you. Well, the city of Scindias Gwalior is the best place to plan a trip with your gang. The city of Scindias, Gwalior is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh. Whether you are travelling solo or with family, the city is ideal for a weekend getaway.



The star attraction in Gwalior is the fort itself, so massive, you can see it from all corners of the city. This hilltop fort is a must-see place, and if you are planning to visit here, better plan a whole day tour because inside you can find a series of attractions. Other than the fort, there are a lot of other places in Gwalior that

Here, are top 7 reasons that will definitely convince you to plan a trip to Gwalior!

1. Gwalior FortEverything about the imposing Gwalior Fort, with its jagged-toothed battlements and sky-kissing towers, is larger than life. Rising sharply above the ground, the fort is a magnificent structure.

2. Man Mandir: Among the most impressive structures inside the fort is the Man Singh Palace. Dedicated to the famous ruler, Man Singh Tomar, the palace is worth taking a look at if you are here. Such a magnificent beauty.

3. Gujari Mahal: Of the last remaining Hindu palaces, GujariMahal built by Raja Man Singh for his Gujjar love Mrignayani, is now a state archaeological museum. It houses an interesting collection of decorative pillars, besides the priceless 9th-century sculpture of Shalbhanjika imprisoned in a glass case.

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4.The Saas-Bahu ComplexThe Saas-Bahu temples follow the 10th-century CE north Indian temple convention and are dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. The Teli ka Mandir (8- 9th centuries CE) is an amazing 80-foot hotchpotch structure with a massive Shikhar (spire), which is Dravidian in its style. Don’t forget to visit this place if you are in Gwalior.

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5. Grave of TansenThe Grave of Tansen a rectangular platform with a pillared gallery, stands nearby. The famous tamarind tree that is said to have sweetened the master’s voice has long since died, but in its place grows a younger tree whose fruit is regularly plucked on by eager visitors wishing to repeat the miracle.

6.Scindia LegacyThe Scindia architectural aesthetic is restricted to stunning 19th-century additions such as the Jai Vilas Palace built on an Italian palazzo plan, the Jiyaji Rao Chhatri that imitates a cathedral, and the Phool Bagh (laid out in 1922), that displays a unique synthesis of different religious influences.

7.Delicious FoodThere is no such thing as local cuisine here. However, you must try the famous Morena gajakin Gwalior. The city may not have a range of fantastic dining options, but you can still find good restaurants in Gwalior offering an array of cuisines.

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