9 Indian Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Foods that you should avoid during pregnancy

Is your family elated after hearing the good news from you? Are you receiving an endless list of do’s and don’ts ever since? Well, if you are clueless and anxious to know more about foods to avoid during pregnancy. This post may help you in deciding which Indian foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

What to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy

Do you wish you had a handy list of specifically Indian foods to avoid during this critical time? Well, your prayers are answered! Read on to know the nine foods that can spell danger for you while expecting!
So, let’s quickly look at Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy. Here is the list of few unsafe foods.

1.Raw Papaya

Papaya is a health food, but you should only eat the ripe one. As raw papaya contains a high concentration of latex, a milky liquid that can trigger uterine concentrations. The application of crude papaya latex on the vagina can induce labor and abortion.



It is a veggie that enjoys great popularity across the globe. It contains phytohormones that may have diuretic effects. Brinjals can be very helpful in curing premenstrual syndrome and amenorrhea. If an individual consumes half an eggplant on daily basis, it could naturally regulate the menstrual cycle. Hence, pregnant women should refrain from consuming eggplants. This is another Indian food to avoid during pregnancy.

3.Sesame Seeds

In olden days, when allopathic medicines were not available, consuming a mix of sesame seeds or till and jiggery twice a day could terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The sesame seeds can stimulated the uterine muscles, cause contractions and ultimately evict a fertilized ovum. Women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy should avoid eating sesame seeds. Pregnant women can safely munch on nuts like pistachios, walnuts, and groundnuts and other dry fruits like raisins and almonds instead.

4.Fennel and Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

In many Indian homes, the elder in family advise a new mother to consume fenugreek seeds and fennel in the form of a laddoo or some other variation. Methi Dana or fenugreek seeds and fennel or saunf have the potential to stimulate menstruation, correct a hormonal disorder, cleanse the uterus and boost milk production. The tow spices contain phytoestrogens, which may induce uterine contractions. You can safely use a pinch of the two popular ingredients while cooking. But taking it as medicinal dose is a complete no-no for a pregnant woman.


Ajinomoto has become a common household cooking ingredient. It is the secret ingredient that makes Chinese food so delicious! Chinese cuisine enjoys huge popularity in India. Ajinomoto may adversely affect the development of the brain in the fetus. Hence, you should strictly stay away from it to safeguard the growth and the development of your precious baby.


This is yet another item that most Indian women avoid during pregnancy. Pineapple comprises of traces of bozomelain enzyme that is found to be helpful in cervix softening and bringing on labor. Pineapple belongs to the food that gets your body heated and therefore is not recommended during conception period. Pineapple contains just minute traces of the above mentioned enzyme and it turns dangerous only if you have around six to seven pineapple together.

7.Fish and seafood

Sea Food

Majority of the fishes are polluted with heavy metals like mercury, fish is also a great source healthy omegs-3 fatty acids, proteins and iron and is deemed highly nutrients. Always ensure that whatever fish and seafood you eat is properly cooked.


Indian women also avoid grapes, especially during the final stages of conception as they also are found to like up your body temperature leading to unwanted complication. Grapes also contain a toxic compound called resveratrol that can pose many complication by unbalancing the hormones of a pregnant woman.

9.Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves should be avoided during pregnancy as it has high levels of mercury and it is believed to cause contributions.

List of food items to completely avoid during pregnancy

i. Raw papaya
ii. Pineapple
iii. Tulsi leaves
iv. Uncooked eggs
v. Alcohol
vi. Unpasteurized milk
vii. Excess coffee and tea
viii. Chinese food
ix. Seafood and certain fish
x. Frozen food
xi. High salt
xii. Soft cheese
xiii. Herbal teas

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